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Work/Life Balance

Staying healthy and well for your patients, your family, and you

Physician and Family Support Program (PFSP) – is a voluntary program that provides confidential support and help with personal health issues. Physicians, residents, medical students, AND their immediate family members can call. Will cover up to 6 hours of counselling. Counselling must be pre-arranged by calling the PFSP assistance line: 1-877-767-4637

AMA Physician Health Resources

American Academy of Family Physicians – provides family practice management articles on Life Balance:

Canadian Mental Health Association (Alberta Division) – provides accessible mental health services in the forms of help lines, printouts, free counselling and group therapy sessions, and mental health skills training, workplace mental health training, and additional resources connections when necessary

The Happy MD – is a blog created by Dr. Dick Drummond, a Mayo-trained Family Practice Physician with a unique combination of ground level experience in medicine, coaching, and personal and business development. – is a blog created by Dr. Kevin Pho, an Internist who grew up in Toronto and underwent his medical training in Boston. shares the stories and insight of the many who intersect with the North American health care system but are rarely heard from. Over 2,000 authors contribute: front-line primary care doctors, surgeons, specialist physicians, nurses, medical students, policy experts, and of course, patients, who need the medical profession to hear their voices.

Less Is More Medicine – is a blog created by Dr. Jessica Otte – a Nanaimo-based family physician who works mainly as a Hospitalist on Vancouver Island and as a rural GP in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. In medicine, more is not always better. Patients and health care providers can work together to pursue care that improves health outcomes, all the while minimizing harm and unnecessary interventions.

Rural Mental Health Network – Training, networking, and funding for rural mental health capacity building projects.