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Everything You Need to Know About Mainpro+

The Mainpro+ Manual is a concise resource that will guide you through everything you need to know about earning and reporting credits in Mainpro+. Developed based on feedback from Mainpro+ users, the manual includes a frequently asked questions section, helpful screenshots to guide you through credit reporting, and links to informative videos. Please click the image above to view and download the guide.

How-to Video Tutorials

The CFPC has a number of resources available for members. Visit the Mainpro+ Resources page for the latest improvements to Mainpro+. Take a moment to watch the following tutorials on the Mainpro+ system below. Each link highlights an area of focus in CFPC’s Mainpro+ Reporting Portal.


Mainpro+ Minute

Through the ACFP eNews, members are polled on some of the most common questions or misunderstandings that occur about Mainpro+.

March Poll:

Virtual learning opportunities have allowed members to partake in conferences around the globe. If attending a conference certified by the AAFP for elective credits, can one claim the equivalent credits as certified or non-certified credits?

Answer: Certified
The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is the accrediting body for family medicine CPD/continuing medical education (CME) in the United States. Prescribed credits can be claimed as the equivalent number of certified credits, and Elective credits can be claimed as the equivalent number of non-certified credits (E.g. 10 prescribed credits = 10 certified credits).

Congratulations to our March Winners!

  • Dr. Cindy Du, Clagary
  • Dr. Ting Ting Li, Calgary
  • Dr. Douglas Tuck, St. Albert
  • Dr. Ogochukwu Anizoba, Camrose
  • Dr. Elaine Bland, Calgary

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