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Alberta Medical Association

Supporting the Patient's Medical Home Vision through Joint Advocacy Efforts

How the ACFP Works With the AMA, Its Sections and Programs

The AMA is a partner of the ACFP in the provision of programs and supports for our common membership. Efforts are made to advocate jointly for policy and programs that support the Patient’s Medical Home and optimal use of resources in the delivery of care to families and individuals in community.

The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) represents Alberta’s physicians, residents and medical students in matters related to the promotion of health, the provision of and payment for medical services, and the integrity of the profession. For over 100 years, the AMA has represented and advocated for Alberta physicians and their patients and strengthened their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care and meeting professional standards.

The AMA envisions to be powered individually and collectively by physician leadership and stewardship in a high-performing health system through:
  • Its initiatives as leaders, innovators and clinicians drive Patients First® as a cornerstone of the health care system.
  • Member wellness and economic well being in their practices and communities are supported by AMA’s comprehensive negotiated agreements and programs.
  • The voices of members – individually, regionally and within specialties – are heard and reflected within the system through our united voice of openness and accountability.
  • Its physicians being valued and respected throughout the system in their professional roles and through their unique relationships with patients and system partners.

The Sections of Family Medicine and Rural Medicine represent all family physicians within the AMA. They strive to help general practitioners provide quality care to patients, achieve economic wellbeing, and enjoy quality of life either in urban or rural practice.