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Alberta Health Professionals for the Environment

Advancing Awareness on Environmental Health Care

How the ACFP Works With the AHPE

As a member of the Alberta Health Professionals for the Environment (AHPE), the ACFP brings the unique perspective of its more than 5,600 members with various areas of focus, patient populations, geographical locations, and practice types. As the organization that provides continuing professional development, leadership, and advocacy for the advancement of family practice, the ACFP offers access to resources and willingness to collaborate on issues and initiatives of interest to our constituents in primary health care.

About the AHPE

As part of the Alberta Environmental Network, the AHPE is a working group dedicated  to advancing environmental health awareness and advocacy by activating Alberta’s health community. Comprised of health organizations from various health fields, the AHPE strives to promote sustainable practices and policies to safeguard both public health and the environment for our and future generations of Albertans.


The AHPE aims to provide health professionals, patients and the public with access to reliable resources to help understand the connections between environmental pollution and planetary health. It believes that informed health sector, patients and public are empowered to make changes.

The group’s resources are designed to outline the known connections between pollution harming the environment and health, and to provide guidance on how you can protect your well-being, that of future generations and the planet.

Soon, the AHPE will be launching a comprehensive database of resources and downloadable materials, including informative brochures and guides. For the most up to date information and resources, visit the AHPE website.