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Research Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Research

Celebrating Excellence in Research

The ACFP’s Research Showcase is one of the most valued forums to present at in Alberta. Oral presentations and posters displayed at this event are peer-reviewed and selected for their quality, importance, and relevance to family medicine. The selection process is very competitive and often sees a variety of research abstracts across Alberta. In the 2024 submission process there were a total of 53 research abstracts submitted and of those, 35 were selected for presentation or display at the Showcase.

Enjoy all of the 2024 Research Showcase Award Winners here!

Congratulations to Our 2024 Reviewers’ Choice Research Award Recipients!

Award recipients are determined through a peer-review process evaluation based on the following criteria: relevance and importance to family medicine; relevance to primary care research and researchers; innovation/originality; clear, well-written description, well-defined objectives, and appropriate learning methods/style. There are over 25 peer reviewers that are fluent within the research community that assist with this process. All abstracts and reviews remain completely anoymous to ensure fairness.

The top 6 scoring abstracts from each category (poster display and oral presentation) are selected for adjudication an adjudication evening that happen prior to the Research Showcase. Winners are celebrated at the Awards Ceremony during ACFP’s flagship conference, the Family Medicine Summit (Summit).

Oral Presentation Category

  • 1st Place: Family Physician Perspectives on Replacing ICD-9 for Billing in Canada
    • S. Garies, D. Pathiraja, K. McBrien, J. Dickinson, C. Eastwood, D. Southern, et al. 
  • 2nd Place: DPI Vs MDI Inhaler Assessment in Primary Care: A Focus on Environmentally-Conscious Prescribing 
    • J. Witzel, T. Huyghebaert, C. Svrcek 
  • 3rd Place: The Impact of Primary Care Clinic and Family Physician Continuity on Patient Health Outcomes – A Retrospective Analysis from Alberta, Canada 
    • T. McDonald, L.A. Green, P.E. Ronksley, L.L. Cook, A.B. Patel, J. Seidel, B.C. Lethebe 
1st Place Oral Presentation Award Recipients:
Ms. Pathiraja, Mr. Cummings, Dr. Garies, Dr. McDonald, Dr. McBrien
1st Place Poster Display Award Recipient:
Ms. Tanya Barber

Poster Display Category

  • 1st Place: Piloting Care Planning Tools in Primary Care for Complex Patients 
    • L. Toon, T. Barber, C. George, K. Scott, S. Davison 
  • 2nd Place: Facilitators and Barriers to the Implementation of the Better Wise Intervention: A Qualitative Study
    • N. Sopcak, C. Fernandes, D. Ofosu, M. Wong, I. Khalil, T. Wong, D. Manca 
  • 3rd Place: Lubricants for Sex: A Guide for Providers 
    • R. Vanderschee, S. Kostov

My name is Smitha Yaltho and I feel privileged to work as a family physician. Why? I believe that being a family physician has been the best job any physician can hope to have. I have personally grown in my own abilities and skill-sets with diverse opportunities in ambulatory practice, acute care and work in Facility Living.  Working in primary care has been exciting and has also afforded me tremendous opportunities for growth while still remaining stimulating in its complexity.  I believe that Family physicians are trusted partners in patient care –  every step of the way. 

Why are you volunteering to serve on this committee?
I currently have an interest in Physician Leadership and  trauma informed care.  I have served as a director with the Board of Directors with the Edmonton North PCN, Edmonton’s largest PCN. Thereafter, I have worked as the Director of Medical Services with CapitalCare (also based in Edmonton) for almost 6 years. It is my express wish that my contribution on the ACFP board of directors will highlight the excellence of family medicine that exists right here and now within the Alberta health care system. 

What about the ACFP’s work do you find most valuable?
Ability to highlight and further support the excellence of primary care right here in Alberta.