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Collaboration for Change

Enabling Patient-Centred Health Care Through Collaboration

Collaboration for Change is a coalition of organizations in Alberta that have a commitment to improving primary care through dialogue, mutual exploration, and citizen-centered action. The Coalition has been guided by the vision of the Patient’s Medical Home* where health care is orientated and centred around the patient and his or her journey through the health care system.

The coalition is organizing, facilitating, and implementing innovative ways to enhance citizen- and patient-engagement. With this, the ACFP is helping to co-design and build the foundations to support primary care reform that will improve health care delivery and services.

Our coalition members are working together to help create a model of engagement and improve health care in our communities.

The objectives of the Collaboration for Change Initiative (CCI) are to:

  • Test and learn innovative and different ways to have primary care and patients truly work together.
  • Create the tools and supports to replicate the process.
  • Build capacity and capability in primary care organizations to work with patients and citizens in an ongoing way (i.e. sustain the change).
  • Use the capacity and capability of one organization to build the capacity in other primary care organizations (i.e. spread strategy).

Coalition Members