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ACFP Conferences

Relevant, Evidence-based, And Immediately Applicable

Relevant, Evidence-Based, and Immediately Applicable

Credibility, relevance, and practical application are the driving factors that inform our program decisions. Innovation, sensibility, and member value inform how we deliver them.

Take a closer look at how the ACFP’s marquee conference, the Family Medicine Summit, has created a benchmark for success for other chapters and organizations.


Family Medicine Summit (Summit)

The ACFP’s Family Medicine Summit (Summit) was founded on the principles of sharing based practices and building a camaraderie. Nearly 70 years later, the Summit provides a special window into the ACFP. The ACFP’s Summit has created a benchmark for success for other chapters and organizations in its strong program elements and unique delivery model.

Registration is now open for the 2024 Family Medicine Summit!


Practical Evidence for Informed Practice (PEIP) Conference

The ACFP in collaboration with PEER (Patients, Experience, Evidence, Research), had the unique privilege of creating a net new conference with its sole intention was to improve and inform primary care practice. The interdisciplinary differentiating factor is that the program content was delivered free from industry bias. After 10 successful years as co-presenters, the ACFP and PEER have made a strategic decision to move away from being co-presenters for the conference, leaving PEER as the sole organization responsible for the delivery of the conference.

While the ACFP will no longer be involved in the delivery of the PEIP conference, it will remain its biggest supporter and is pleased its members can continue to benefit from one of the leading evidence-based medicine conferences in the country. Stepping away from the delivery of the PEIP conference allows the ACFP to allocate resources to an evolution of programming for its members and PEER more flexibility in its programs’ direction.

Celebrating 10 years of PEIP

Past Conferences

Clinical Connections Conference

The CCC was a joint effort with the Alberta Health Services’ Strategic Clinical Networks. The webinar series brought together family physicians, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners and other providers to learn about, discuss, and share new practical clinical tools, resources, and initiatives in Alberta.

LeadFM - Alberta Family Medicine Leadership Conference

Developed in support to build engaged family physicians leaders, the ACFP Leadership program involved a single day conferenced that feature provincial family physician leaders and presenters from the LEADS Canada Framework.

Seniors Care Coalition Conference

Led by the work of the Committee for Elder Care in the early 2000s, the ACFP has proudly delivered several senior care conferences and a forum. The latter was the catalyst in the foundation of the Alberta Seniors Care Coalition (ASCC) which brought together key stakeholders around the table to improve and advance seniors care. As Secretariat for its inaugural year, the ACFP created and delivered the ASCC Conference the fall of 2015.