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The Value of a Family Physician

Our Core Advocacy Efforts

As the voice of family physicians in Alberta, the ACFP works to advocate for family doctors and value their contributions to the health of their patients and their communities. It seeks to support the well-being of family physicians through for peer-to-peer connections, compassionate leadership and services that respond to their needs.

Why Family Doctors Matter

Family medicine is one of the unique medical specialties where family doctors can provide care to you at every life stage from the time you are born, to the birth of your kids, to helping you care for your parents. Family doctors are with you every step of the way, standing by your side.

Trusted Relationships

A family doctor-patient relationship is one of the most trusted in health care. It is a relationship that both the family doctor and patient have been nurturing since a patient’s first visit.

Lifelong Care

n many cases, a relationship with your family physician may be the longest partnership you have in the health system and quite possibly your life. Many family physicians treat patients from the day they were born to their last day of life. Because of this enduring relationship, family physicians possess a wide breadth and depth of clinical knowledge — both from acute and chronic presentations to preventative and palliative care.

They Know You and Your Family

After years of treating you as a patient, your doctor knows your history and your family’s too. Quite often, family physicians will see multiple generations of a family and will likely be able to spot possible risk factors. Getting to know your whole family and understanding you helps paint a fuller picture for a physician to properly assess your medical needs and well-being.

They are in Your Corner

Your family doctor can be one of your best care advocates. They know your history and know what you need and will work with you and the health system to best help coordinate your care — be it referring you to the right specialist or following up on your hospital stay or emergency visit. Your family physician provides the link to ensure your care has continuity.

Advocacy in Action

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Raising Awareness

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