Primary Care Alliance

The Alberta Primary Care Alliance (PCA) brings together the experience and expertise of physician partners who are involved in the advancement and improvement of primary care provided to patients, families and communities in Alberta.  Members of the PCA bring together multiple perspectives, resources and mandates to facilitate ways to collectively address and improve primary health care, province-wide and to advocate and support their constituents in that improvement.

Building on existing member organization strategic directions, the Alliance’s goal is to foster a coordinated and aligned approach to meet the needs of patients, caregivers, families, primary care teams, PCNs and the healthcare system today and into the future.

Mission – The Primary Care Alliance serves as a family physician forum for strategic discussion and establishment of shared goals and collaborative action for the advancement of the Vision of the Patient’s Medical Home in Alberta.

Vision – Every Albertan will have access to a home in the health care system that includes their own family physician and a team of providers ensuring they are provided timely, comprehensive and continuity of care within the Alberta health care system.


  • Expand, cultivate and enhance strategic internal and external partnerships to advance Alberta’s primary health care agenda and build alignment amongst groups;
  • Gain a better understanding of the different perspectives of PCA members;
  • Share data/research about primary care improvement initiatives with decision and policy makers;
  • Illuminate and analyze successful, developing and unsuccessful initiatives, services and supports impacting primary care in Alberta during regular and special meetings and other invitational opportunities as required;
  • Provide input on current and proposed policies and regulations that may affect primary care in Alberta;
  • Create a cohesive “one voice” approach by identifying areas where PCA members can target leadership and outreach via strategic partnerships to contribute to policy-making, communication, pathways, community support and education initiatives directed at Alberta’s primary care community, and
  • Annually host a facilitated planning session for moving forward, clarifying roles and goals of the Alliance and its member organizations in the long-term.