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What We Stand For

The ACFP endeavours to be recognized as the respected and influential voice of family physicians in Alberta. Representatives from the ACFP have long been involved in the provision of positive, proactive, and responsive counsel to stakeholders in Alberta’s health care system.

During discussions surrounding improvement of patient care, health policy development, health care innovation, system transformation, and building efficiencies, among others, the ACFP strives to ensure that its advocacies are put forward.

Learn More About What We Stand For:

Strategic Framework
We have created a document that lays out our strategic plans for “Shaping the Future of Family Medicine.”

Pillars and Values
Our strategic strategy and vision are rooted in four pillars and a set of values that support our members, communities and the health care system as a whole.

Read about the bylaws that govern the ACFP, its Board, committees and members.

Truth and Reconciliation
The ACFP strives to support cultural safety, equity and the health and well-being of all.

Year in Review
Every year, the ACFP publishes an annual report that underscores the highlights in terms of CPD programs, advocacy and governance-related efforts for the College.