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Member Support

Building Community Among Family Physicians

At the heart of our member engagement strategy, we strive to ensure our members receive the most value from their membership by facilitating positive experiences with the ACFP community as a whole.

We provide practice tools, engaging continuing professional development (CPD), and family medicine-focused event opportunities for members to connect with one another.

The ACFP is here to support you at every stage of your career. Here are just a few of the ways we support your membership journey:

Earn More Than 100 Certified Credits – Anywhere, Anytime Through CFPClearn

CFPCLearn is CFPC’s online learning platform providing expansive continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing medical education (CME) opportunities and is led by the Programs and Practice Supports Department’s Knowledge Experts and Tools (KET) Program*.
Save time while you watch listen or read education on your schedule!
  • Tools for Practice evidence summaries
  • Podcasts and video recordings of Practical Talks for Family Docs, the CFPC’s collection of presentations on key clinical topics relevant to family practice in Canada
  • Video recordings of talks from the Practical Evidence for Informed Practice Conference and the Family Medicine Summit from the Alberta College of Family Physicians
  • A new interactive online game, Choose Your Briefs, based on the popular Jeopardy!-style game format that the Patients, Experience, Evidence, Research (PEER) team presents at medical conferences across Canada

Annual subscriptions for CFPCLearn will be available for $299 for CFPC members. To learn more visit

*The ACFP is a proud contributing partner of the CFPC’s KET program.