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Building Community Among Family Physicians

The ACFP is a voluntary, professional member organization representing more than 5,000 family physicians, family medicine residents, and students across the province.

At the heart of our member engagement strategy we strive to ensure our members are receiving value of their membership by facilitating positive interactions between members and the ACFP, and among members themselves.

We promote active participation of our programs and provide opportunities for members to connect with one another.

The ACFP is here to support you in your membership journey in a variety of forms including but not limited to:




Learn More ACFP’s Best Kept Secret and Earn More Than 80 Certified Credits

GoMainpro is an online learning tool where you can earn certified Self-Learning credits on the ACFP’s Tools for Practice library and videos from the their past conferences such as the Family Medicine Summit and the Practical Evidence for Informed Practice. Sign up for an annual subscription and earn more than 80 credits. Once you sign up for your annual subscription, simply access and reflect on your learning. We’ll do the reporting for you. It’s as easy as that!



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