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Transition to Practice

Ease Into Family Practice Stress- and Hassle-Free

Getting Started

Below is information that will get help set you on your path to family practice.

Tasks and Timelines

Please note this timeline is simply a proposed guideline that may be used to help organize your next steps.

Practice Management Considerations

P.O. Box:

Do this before CPSA registration, especially if you do not have a practice address yet! This can be your public address where anyone can find you through the CPSA Physician Directory.

Disability Insurance:

Consider upgrading or buy-into disability insurance.

Student Line of Credit (LOC):

If not incorporated, extend your student LOC if you can, in anticipation of the delay in your first paycheck.

Alberta Medical Association (AMA):

AMA Membership is optional, take advantage of the First Year in Practice special membership rate. Benefits include:

  • Medical liability reimbursement – reimburses a portion of your CMPA fees
  • CME reimbursement
  • Retention benefits in some cases

Professional Incorporation*:

  • Start with finding an accountant – they can recommend a lawyer.
  • The lawyer will help you with completing the application for a Professional Corporation (PC)
  • When all that is completed, you will need to apply for a corporate bank account and credit card
  • You can charge application fees (e.g., CPSA registration fees, CMPA fees, AMA fees) to your PC account
    • HOWEVER, it may take a few weeks/months before you are paid, depending on how prompt the billing gets done at your sites, so have a backup plan of how to pay off that first credit card bill
  • MD Financial can be a good resource for some direction. Alternatively, ask your preceptors or mentors who they work with


*NOTE: Incorporation is not mandatory to the transition to practice. It may be a consideration for individuals who are at least one year (or several years) into practice.