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Managing Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care

PEER Simplified Guideline

The Patients Experience Evidence Research (PEER) Simplified Guideline: Managing Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in Primary Care provides practical recommendations for treatment of OUD for primary care practitioners. All recommendations are intended to assist with, not dictate decision making in conjunction with patients. The guideline is developed with contributions from primary care professionals with little or no conflict for interest and focused on the highest level of evidence available.

Description and Information

Release Date: May-2019

Revised: Sept-2019

Title: PEER Simplified Guideline: Managing Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in Primary Care

Authors/Contributors: Christina Korownyk, Danielle Perry, Joey Ton, Michael R. Kolber, Scott Garrison, Betsy Thomas, G. Michael Allan, Cheryl Bateman, Raquel deQueiroz, Dorcas Kennedy, Wiplove Lamba, Jazmin Marlinga, Tally Mogus, Tony Nickonchuck, Eli Orrantia, Kim Reich, Nick Wong, Nicolas Dugru00e9, Adrienne J Lindblad

Description: This guideline provides recommendations for identifying and treating patients with opioid use disorder in primary care. Using the best available evidence, this guideline provides a simplified, shared decision-making approach to common questions experienced by primary care clinicians and their patients with opioid use disorder.

Target Population: Adults over 18 years of age with opioid use disorder

Exclusions: Children, Adolescents, Pregnant/lactating women, Prison populations

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