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Join the Leadership Registry and Be Part of the Solution

An Engaged Primary Care Workforce

Alberta’s primary care system is constantly evolving to meet the needs of patients and providers — and family physicians are being asked more and more to get involved and be a part of that evolution. Are you a physician who has ideas about where we need to go? Do you want to ensure the voice of family medicine is heard? Or do you have one great idea that you are just waiting to give to the right group? We’ve designed our leadership registry just for you physicians like you!

Working with our partners at Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Medical Association, Strategic Clinical Networks, and the Primary Care Alliance we’ve developed a portal for you to identify your leadership strengths and tell us how you want to get involved. By taking 5 minutes to fill out your leadership profile at we are able to use that information to match you with unique leadership opportunities that come in from all over the system. Once a match has been presented, we’ll reach out to you with a request. You can choose to participate in the opportunity or not. It’s up to you to decide if it sounds interesting or aligns with your goals. Sign up today!

“As a medical student and resident, I had always told myself to avoid taking on additional responsibility. Medicine has a way of asking more and more of you, and it never seems to stop asking. I wanted to avoid taking on too much leadership and administration responsibilities and end up neglecting my clinical or personal obligations.

However, during my first five years of practice, I became increasingly frustrated with gaps/barriers in the medical system for patients and caregivers, including health care professionals, without someone to advocate for them. As a result, I started taking on leadership positions to tear down some of those barriers, and bridge those gaps that I saw in my clinical practice.”

Dr. Dinesh Witharana, ACFP Board of Director