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Strategic Framework

Who We Are

Our Vision – Family medicine is the foundation for a healthy Alberta.

The Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) is a member-based, not-for-profit organization representing more than 5,600 family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students across Alberta. The ACFP supports certification of its members by providing continuing professional development (CPD) and upholding the established standards for CPD delivery set by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

The ACFP acts with integrity, respect, and inclusiveness upholding the principles and social responsibility of family medicine. The ACFP represents caring family physician leaders, who ensure comprehensive and integrated care, and value excellence in health care inspired by personal interactions and trusting relationships in the communities they serve.

The ACFP seeks to be inclusive and reflective of its members’ views and needs, building awareness of the value of family medicine through communication, engagement, and collaboration.

Strategic Priorities

Family Physicians Are Valued, Supported, and Inspired
  • Family physicians feel valued and are proud of their contribution to the health of their communities.
  • Albertans recognize their family physician as a trusted first point of contact for their health needs.
  • Albertans seek to have long-term relationships with their family physicians through all stages of their life, recognizing the value family physicians play in coordinating care with other specialists and advocating for complex health needs.
  • The well-being of family physicians in Alberta is supported through peer-to-peer connections, compassionate leadership, and through services that respond to their needs.
  • Family medicine is a highly valued career choice.


Family Physicians Are Highly Skilled Resources to Their Communities
  • Family physicians have the resources, tools, and supports needed in a complex system, to provide excellent, evidence-based, and compassionate patient-centred care.
  • Family physicians can access the highest quality, modernized, multi-modal CPD and medical education programming to meet their needs and the needs of their communities.
  • Family physicians engage in community well-being and health system development as facilitators, scholars, advocates, and leaders.


Alberta Has a Fully Integrated Health System With Family Medicine as the Foundation
  • Government implements policy and funding that advances the principles of the CFPC’s Patient’s Medical Home vision and the transformation of integrated health and social systems in the Medical Neighbourhood.
  • Family medicine is the foundation of an integrated health care system that is accessible, comprehensive, continuity-based, and patient-centred.
  • Family physicians are leaders in the transformation of the health system based on collaboration and teamwork — from patient’s participation in their care, to interprofessional and intraprofessional care providers working together, to policymakers who can offer infrastructure support and funding.