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The Alberta College of Family Physicians and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) are proud to celebrate Family Doctor Day on May 19th in support of World Organization of Family Doctors’ (WONCA) in recognizing World Family Doctor Day. This special day provides an opportunity for governments, health care organizations, colleagues, and the public to acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by family doctors to improve the health and well-being of their patients.

Family doctors play a vital role in our health care system and wear many hats—they are trusted clinicians, teachers, researchers, and leaders in family medicine. Family physicians are the cornerstone of primary care and are highly respected in their communities, building long-term relationships with their patients.

Caring for You the Whole of Your Life

This year WONCA would especially like to highlight the role of family doctors in providing lifelong care to their patients—from cradle to grave. Special emphasis is placed on the key role family doctors have in the health management of children, and also their pivotal role in palliative and end of life care.

Why Family Docs Rock!

  • A family doctor-patient relationship is often times one of the most trusted in health care. It is a relationship that both the doctor and patient have been nurturing since a patient’s first visit—and often the patient’s first encounter with the health care system. We know patients count on family doctors and value these relationships.
  • Family physicians often act as the central hub for managing your health and provide a higher level of continuity of care.
  • Family physicians play an important role in health promotion and illness prevention, coordinating care with other specialties and health professionals, and advocating on behalf of their patients with respect to the care and services they need in all other parts of the health care system.

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