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Family Docs Rock: Recognizing Excellence

Family Docs Rock!

Let us take a moment and learn about the great work your peers are doing! Our Family Docs Rock feature showcases exemplary models of care and inspires excellence throughout the province.

2018 Award Recipients


Family Docs Rock Patient Submission: Rural and Remote Care at Its Best

Living in northern Alberta (Peace River) poses some interesting facts, we live far away from major health care centres which poses issues all on its own. But having a family physician who understands this and takes extra training to help in crisis situations is crucial and vital.

Our family physicians go above and beyond to help not only our family out but the community!! Thank you to Drs. Nicholas and Nadine Potvin for being there when we need you.

Having children of their own makes chatting about kid-related issues easy and comforting. Whenever there is time to have a quick visit in the hallways, the smiles, and conversation leave me with a smile and usually a laugh or two.

And let’s face it laughter is always the best medicine!!

Thanks for being there!!
Peace River


To see more patient stories, please visit:  the Family Docs Rock Patient Stories page.

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