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Measles Update from AHS

Reminder on Measles

Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) is asking primary care providers to take the following action regarding measles prevention and testing:

  • Ensure you and your staff are fully vaccinated to prevent acquiring measles
  • Familiarize yourself with the clinical presentation of measles
  • Check that you have sufficient supplies of nasopharyngeal swabs, Universal/Viral Transport medium and sterile urine containers for sample collection, and ensure the transport medium has NOT expired (expiry date on container)
  • Familiarize yourself and your nursing staff with how to collect a nasopharyngeal swab
  • Ensure you have sufficient supplies of personal protective equipment, especially N95 respirators
  • Before sending a suspect measles patient to have their blood collected, first contact the APL Appointment Booking line at 1-877-702-4486
  • Refer to the APL Guide to Services for additional information
  • Refer to the AHS IPC Acute Care Resource Manual for additional information

Read the 05-14-2024 lab bulletin


Past Content

Measles update: confirmed case in Edmonton / additional provider resources

AHS has confirmed that an individual with lab-confirmed measles has been in public settings in Edmonton while infectious. You can find details on exposure locations in this health advisory.

Anyone who attended these locations at these times who was born in or after 1970 and has less than two documented doses of measles-containing vaccine is at risk for developing measles.

Exposed people born in or after 1970 who have received fewer than two doses of measles-containing vaccine, who are pregnant, under one year of age, or have a weakened immune system are at greatest risk and should contact Health Link at 1-877-720-0707 as they may be eligible for medication to prevent measles.

Anyone who attended these locations at these times is strongly encouraged to review their immunization records and monitor themselves for symptoms of measles.

If symptoms of measles do develop, these individuals are advised to stay home and call Health Link at 811 before visiting any healthcare facility or provider.

Although no cases of measles have been identified in Alberta in 2024, outbreaks are occurring around the world and Albertans may contract the disease through travel if they are not immune. AHS is advising anyone with symptoms of measles to stay at home, avoid contact with others and call 811 before visiting any hospital, clinic or healthcare provider.

Symptoms include:

    • fever 38.3°C or higher
    • cough, runny nose, or red eyes, and 
    • a red, blotchy rash appearing three to seven days after fever starts, beginning behind the ears and on the face and spreads down to the body and then to the arms and legs.

The best protection against measles is immunization with two doses of a measles-containing vaccine. Immunization is the only strategy to prevent individual cases and community outbreaks. The virus is highly contagious and can stay in the air for up to two hours, so other public health measures like masking and distancing won’t be effective at reducing the spread.


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Why are you volunteering to serve on this committee?
I currently have an interest in Physician Leadership and  trauma informed care.  I have served as a director with the Board of Directors with the Edmonton North PCN, Edmonton’s largest PCN. Thereafter, I have worked as the Director of Medical Services with CapitalCare (also based in Edmonton) for almost 6 years. It is my express wish that my contribution on the ACFP board of directors will highlight the excellence of family medicine that exists right here and now within the Alberta health care system. 

What about the ACFP’s work do you find most valuable?
Ability to highlight and further support the excellence of primary care right here in Alberta.