The Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) is a Chapter of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Incorporated as a Society in 1997, the ACFP is governed by a set of bylaws. The ACFP Governance Advisory Committee reviews the bylaws periodically and makes recommendations for amendment to the ACFP Board of Directors.  Upon ACFP Board approval, the proposed amendments are presented to the CFPC Board of Directors for their approval. Final approval is obtained by the passing of a special resolution by the ACFP Members at the Annual Meeting of Members as described in Article Ten of the ACFP Bylaws.

Current Bylaws

Our Bylaws help define the roles of the board, committees, and members and provide direction for the governance of the Chapter. The current Bylaws of the Alberta Chapter of the CFPC were approved at the Annual Meeting of Members on March 4, 2023. For more information see Annual Meeting of Members.

  1. To promote the four principles of family medicine to its membership as well as the public, medical students, interns, residents, other members of the medical community, the government, and Regional Health Authorities. The four principles of Family Medicine are:
    • The Doctor-Patient Relationship is central to the role of the Family Physician.
    • The Family Physician is an effective clinician.
    • Family Medicine is community-based.
    • The Family Physician is a resource for a defined practice population.
  1. To advance the professional competence and proficiency of all Family Physicians in Alberta.
  2. To provide, enhance and enrich the educational level of all Family Physicians.
  3. To promote the highest quality of health care for the people of Alberta.
  4. To work closely with other organizations and groups, establishing liaison where necessary, to promote a high quality of health care in Alberta by promoting the cause and principals of Family Medicine.
  5. To promote and provide an environment in which quality Primary Care research can be carried out.
  6. To develop processes and structures to identify and manage issues:
    • unique to rural family medicine,
    • unique to urban family medicine,
    • relating to the variability of resourcing of Alberta’s Health Care System.
  1. To represent Alberta Family Physicians at the national level of the College.
  2. To serve and advance the interests of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
  3. To levy membership fees, receive donations, and expend monies to carry out the activities of the Alberta Chapter as defined in these Bylaws.
  4. To recognize and promote outstanding contribution and service to Family Practice.
  5. To support other individuals or groups having a purpose or purposes complementary to those of the Alberta Chapter.
  6. To be a credible voice for family practice at decision-making tables.
  7. To promote a positive image of Family Medicine.
  8. To promote the role of family physicians in primary care to the public, government, and other health care providers.
  9. To encourage self-care and a balanced lifestyle for family physicians allowing them to be more effective caregivers.
  10. To perform any other activities deemed appropriate by the Board and which are compatible with the other objectives.
  11. To own, sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of or otherwise deal with the real or personal property of the Alberta Chapter.