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Strategic Framework


Advancing health for patients, their families, and communities where every Albertan has a patient-centred medical home.


Supporting family physicians in Alberta through continuing professional development, advocacy, leadership, and research that enables them to provide high quality health care for their patients and their communities.

Our Values

The ACFP acts with integrity, respect, and inclusiveness, upholding the social responsibility of family medicine.

Evidence-Based Continuous Learning and Professional Development
The ACFP supports and inspires self-directed and lifelong learning, quality improvement, research, and continuing professional development for family physicians so that they may adapt to changes in medical evidence, patient, and community needs.

Patient Centred and Integrated Care
The ACFP is comprised of caring family physician leaders, who ensure comprehensive and integrated care, and value excellence in health care inspired by personal interactions and trusting relationships in the communities they serve.

Applied Leadership and Collaboration
The ACFP leads and participates in collaborative, practical, evidence-based initiatives with stakeholders to advance excellence in family medicine and the health care system.

Adapting to Evolving Needs
The ACFP is inclusive and reflective of its members’ views and needs, building awareness of the value of family medicine through responsive and adaptive communication, advocacy, research, engagement, and education.


Strategic Framework

Pillar 1: Advancing excellence in patient and physician experience
Members have access to quality continuing education and best practices resources that meet the changing needs of the patients and communities they serve.

Pillar 2: Building member awareness and engagement
A connected and engaged community of family physicians.

Pillar 3: Influencing health policy
Public and health policy supports excellence in patient care.

Theme 4: Inspiring trust and demonstrating value
The public understands the unique value of the family physician and the benefits of the Patient’s Medical Home.