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Patient Stories 6

Patient Stories


Dr. Brian Siray from Black Diamond has got to be one of the best men to have in your corner when things go south. He recently diagnosed me with several problems that were about to be very drastic to my well being, if not fatal. This man is one of the best diagnosticians in the province and a good teaching doctor and mentor to his interns. I can not say enough about the way he treats you as both a patient and a good friend. He has a way of cajoling even the most stubborn person (ME) into doing what needs to be done to rectify a problem. Thanks Doc. This is the ATTA BOY AWARD you so richly deserve.

Thanks, Lloyd Humphrey
Longview, Alberta.

Leading by Example—Caring, Accessible, and Professional

My family and I appreciate this opportunity to provide some thoughts on the fine work our family physician carries out for us. Dr. Douglas Fonteyne has been our physician for almost 10 years.

This includes our daughter and her children as well. As my wife and I are not getting younger(!), health issues do come up, sometimes more often that we would wish, of course. While Dr. Fonteyne is a very busy physician, he has always been very accessible and helpful. In this regard, I have been impressed by his very fine judgement and keen diagnostic ability, not to mention his patience. In the midst of a busy practice, one can overlook things or lapse on precision, but Dr. Fonteyne has always been careful to listen and respond with care, attention and diligence. I might also add that he is a very fine individual of sterling character.

I volunteer with the Edmonton chapter of a large national seniors association, heading up or health advocacy issues; hence, I have some familiarity with the intricate demands placed upon our health system including its primary care physicians, of the increasing time and financial pressures, and of the key role played by our family physicians in helping to keep us as healthy as possible and out of hospitals, where costs rise exponentially.

My feeling is that excellent diagnosis, care, follow-up, information, and proper pharmaceutical and other therapy are bedrocks for keeping a healthy population and maintaining medical costs sustainable – the front lines of first presentation and our lifelines for chronic illness care. The subject is, of course, extremely complex, but I introduce it only in order to point to Dr. Fonteyne as an example of what can make the system work well. We are very appreciative of his care and professionalism.

Morris Maduro, Edmonton

Commitment to Our Community

I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you how amazing our doctor is. We live in Fairview, a small community in rural northern Alberta and doctors often come and go quickly.

We are fortunate to have Fiona Fordyce practicing family medicine here for the past few years. She has made a home for herself and her son in this little town and we truly appreciate it. I think family medicine is a big undertaking and in a rural setting it seems even more so.

There are often very long waits in the evenings and on weekends with outpatient hours and this must take a toll on the doctor’s family life.

I would like add my voice to the chorus thanking Dr. Fiona Fordyce for her commitment to the health and wellbeing of my family and community.

Pamela MacKay, Fairview

Best Doctor in the Whole World

I had to take this opportunity to shout out that I have the best doctor in the whole world! Dr. Christoff de Wet is always happy and sincere; it’s impossible not to hear his genuine laugh whether at his office or at the hospital. Yet, he takes your complaints seriously; always willing to listen and answer questions.

I have not met a single person who has a less than a stellar opinion of Dr. de Wet. It was a genuine blessing when I got an appointment with the new doctor in town seven years ago.

The practice, Wetaskiwin Family Medical, is well run, with excellent and unique options to ensure that when you need a doctor, you can see one in a very timely fashion.

I have lived in Alberta and Saskatchewan my entire life and have had many health challenges. I can sincerely say that I have never before met a doctor as worthy of approbation as Dr. de Wet. If there were hundreds more like him, the world would be a better place.

Jacqueline Kennedy, Wetaskiwin

Thank you to Our Doctor

I would like to commend our family physician, Dr. Govender on her support for my husband who had cancer and for taking my mother-in-law as a patient even though she was not taking patients. She has recommended assistance, health care support, and a specialist to us in a very short time, and we have experienced wonderful support from our Alberta health care supporters.

Sherwood Park

Ernest Care—the Start of a Beautiful Relationship

I’d like to step up and say *thank you* to our family doctor in Calgary, Dr. Iurasco at Oasis medical centre in Royal Oak.

Our doctor is young and fairly new in the field, which I will admit made us nervous when we were still looking for a new family doctor. However the nervousness quickly went away when we realized how great of a doctor he was.

Dr. Iurasco is kind, courteous, smart, and most importantly- gets things done! He has figured out more health problems for our family than any other doctor, and will not hesitate to book us in for other specialty clinics until we figure out the problem. He remembers us and specific details about us when we return, takes extra time to research symptoms for us and I truly feel that he cares about his patients. Though at the moment I have to help others pronounce his name (Yur-asco) which I’m sure would make him laugh, I’m also sure he will become better known over time for being one of the good ones!

So thank you Dr. Iurasco for the help you’ve given our family, and we hope to have you as our family doctor for a long time!

The Hull family, Calgary

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