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Patient Stories 5

Patient Stories

Patience and Understanding With His Patients

Dr. Perry Glimpel rocks in every sense of the word. He was my mother-in-law’s doctor and was so very caring and concerned about everything with her. He did everything he could to help her with blood pressure, heart problems and dementia.

He is also my family doctor and I have found the same concern on my behalf. He goes out of his way to spend time discussing your health problems with you, and doesn’t ever give you the impression that you are bothering him. He will explain what you don’t understand and never gets impatient with you, although I know that sometimes I must try his patience.

Thank you Dr. Glimpel,
Adena Bauer, Calgary

The Critical Glue to Wholistic Health—Dr. Jennifer Riess

My family doc is the critical glue that makes sure my care, and the care of my family, is seamless and holistic.

Specialists are important however Jennifer makes sure that the whole picture is put together and that I am listened to as a patient. Jennifer is always able to see me, or a member of my family, and always has a genuine caring smile and a wealth of practical yet vast knowledge to share.

As a mom, she relates to motherhood and the struggles and joys it brings. She is soft when the situation needs it and a strong advocate with specialists and other agencies when my care and health will suffer without it. I don’t know what I would do without her.

The care family physicians provide in Alberta is important however, the care Dr. Riess provides is phenomenal and an integral part of our family’s holistic health. Not an easy feat given healthcare context in Alberta.

Thank you for doing the amazing things you do Dr. Riess!
C. Raymond-Seniuk

Fortunate and Grateful

I consider myself very fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Shauna MacIver.

For me, retirement was not an easy transition from the classroom to home. With the caring, professional medical assistance and guidance of Dr. MacIver, I have my life back and am totally able to enjoy my new title as “Baba” to my beautiful grandchildren.

Thank you!
St. Albert

A Caring Doctor Who Listens

Our family physician’s name is Emile Muller from Strathmore, AB. I was only a few months new to Strathmore and being seen by the ‘on call’ doctor in emergency who just happened to be Dr. Muller. After discussing my reason for being there, I mentioned that my boys and I didn’t have a family doctor. Dr. Muller was good enough to tell me to phone his office the next day, mention my name and that he’d said that he would take us on. I cannot tell you how surprised and happy I was to have found a doctor in the area.

On one scheduled visit, after work one day, shortly before I was supposed to leave I’d gotten a call from my youngest boy’s school saying that he’d stuck tiny pebbles in his ear and staff did not feel comfortable attempting to remove said pebbles. I picked him up and brought him to my appointment. Dr. Muller simply got what looked like the biggest pair of tweezers I’d ever seen and calmly removed the pebbles while having a very comforting bedside manner with my 8-year-old who was wide-eyed…….to say the least!

He then gave him some sage advice…..’do not put rocks in your ears on a dare!!’

My oldest boy who at times requires referrals to his pediatrician and orthopedic surgeon are always sent promptly.

Overall, I find Dr. Muller to be a very caring doctor who listens when you need him to. My boys and I are very happy that we are his patients.

Sincerely, Carolyn McIntyre, Jesse McIntyre-Ribbers and Evan McIntyre-Ribbers

Amazing Woman With a Huge Heart!

Let me tell you why Dr. Lupal is the best. Now she is not my family doctor but she was my mom’s. In January 2011, my mom received her 2nd cancer diagnosis. She had put going to the doctor for a month and by that time the cancer had spread quite bad.

Once she seen Dr. Lupal, they rushed all her exams and she had a mastectomy about a month later. Fast forward a year to January 2012, my mom again received her 3rd cancer diagnosis. She was receiving care from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and was basically told there was nothing they could do.

She didn’t go see Dr. Lupal until May 2012. At this point she wasn’t receiving any pain medication and was extreme pain. Dr. Lupal gave her the best care possible, and at one time my mom missed her appointment as she didn’t tell anyone when it was, Dr. Lupal never charged her for the missed appointment and even missed her lunch so she could squeeze my mom in.

She was able to get my mom the palliative care that she needed when my mom was no longer able to come in to the clinic.

Today, I was also lucky enough to be able to have Dr. Lupal as my doctor while I was pregnant with my second child.

Dr. Lupal is and amazing woman with a huge heart! I will be forever grateful for the care and respect she gave to my mom.

Cora Dumais, Calgary

A Calling Beyond Expectation

My wife & I have been with Dr. Phillip W. van der Merwe for the last 20 yrs or so. Here is a medical professional who takes his calling beyond expectation in caring & responsibility. To illustrate the point, I have to recall the incident when he was on vacation in a distant place, called our residence to inquire after my well being since he knew that I was on a humanitarian mission in a country where civil unrest prevailed.

We have a doctor who always makes time to listen to the patient and never in a hurry to terminate a consultation, he is methodical and systematic in his dealings with patients, a quality that has built confidence & a strong bondage. We are so fortunate to have a doctor whose nurturing attitude and a kind demeanour, to care for us in our hour of need. May he prevail.

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