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Patient Stories 3

Patient Stories

Compassion, Knowledge, Expertise, and a Great Sense of Humour, too

My family doc is Michelle Klassen, and she practices at Crowfoot Village Family Practice. She rocks for lots of reasons, so here are just a few:

  • She is a great listener, and always takes time to answer our questions….
  • Her advice is grounded in evidence-based research that she explains in ways we can understand….
  • My kids know they can ask her anything, and that she really cares about them….
  • She takes great care of my mom…..
  • She has compassion, knowledge, expertise, and a great sense of humour too!

Our family has been through a very hard time over the last three years before and after the sudden death of my husband. Michelle has always found time in her schedule when we have needed her. She has been exceptionally supportive and compassionate. She truly cares about our well-being.” We feel really lucky to have Dr. Klassen and are super glad she is a member of CFPCN so we can use After Hours clinic and see other health team members when we need to! Thank you for the opportunity to tell you why Dr Klassen rocks!

Sincerely, Maureen McNaul

My Family Doctor Saved My Life

I have been under Dr. Elizabeth Dixon’s care since 2010 when I was pregnant with my son. She was my sister’s family doc and I was fortunate to witness her deliver my niece. Weeks later I found out I was expecting and wanted the same care, concern and compassion from my maternity doc. She agreed to take me on. Fast forward 3 years…Dr. Dixon has kept me as her patient as well as my son. I have received numerous personal calls checking up on different health concerns (nothing other docs would consider a need for a phone call), I always have all my questions answered, and Dr. Dixon is always kind and thorough. She is rarely late and always has a smile for her patients. She takes the time to listen to concerns and offer help and solutions and does not just offer meds. This summer I fully believe Dr. Dixon was an instrument in saving my life! I was in a “minor” car accident in Jan and suffered massive whip lash as a result. I saw a chiropractor and massage therapist to help with it initially as I didn’t believe I needed medical attention for soft tissue injury. I continued to go downhill instead of getting better and in July the chiropractor diagnosed me with a slipped disk in my back. At this point I called to Dr. Dixon’s office and made an apt to ask for pain control and a possible MRI to see what was going on. I ended up in emergency a few days prior to my appointment so a MRI was ordered. Upon my arrival at my appointment with Dr. Dixon, she knew immediately I was not well. We talked about what my options were and that I possibly was not a candidate for surgery. We talked about pain management and rehabilitation options since my MRI was set for Dec 4, way too far down the road for the seriousness of my pain. Dr. Dixon said she would try and have it moved ASAP, not promising anything, but would do her best. She was leaving on holidays so she went above and beyond what any doc I know would have done and gave me her email and asked that I keep her updated. Wow! The next morning before 9 am I was called and my MRI was moved to the following week. Dr. Dixon delivered her promise of making the call:) I had emergent surgery within the week for my massive herniated disk (was days away from paralysis according to the surgeon). Dr. Dixon checked in with me after surgery to see how I was doing and actually wanted to thank my surgeon for taking such good care of me. Had she not saw the urgency of my pain and helped move my MRI up I would have lost bladder function and possibly been paralyzed before I had that late MRI!

I am so very thankful she treated me like a human and not just another case. It means the world! I think Dr. Dixon rocks and is one of a kind!

Shannon Hoadley, Edmonton

My Doc Rocks!

My doctor, Dr. Petrus J. Van Der Walt rocks because he juggles a family, delivering babies, his clinic, and rotating through ED in a rural community where resources are limited. He keeps his sense of humor while maintaining professional.

H. Brandt, Cold Lake

Who Rocks? Dr. Simon Ward of Wetaskiwin, That’s Who!

Why do we think he rocks?! When our son was born last August he had a bad case of jaundice. Although his jaundice was serious, it was not serious enough to admit our son to the hospital. As a new mom I was scared and nervous for my son. Dr. Ward calmed my fears and made me so much more relaxed during a stressful time. Not only did Dr. Ward treat our son at the hospital, he stopped by our home in the evening to check on our son after working all day at the clinic. What a gem.

Thanks, Dr. Ward…YOU ROCK!


Approachable, Warm, and a Genuine Personality

Our family of five has been blessed to have the BEST Family Physician… Dr. Robert McLaughlin of Cochrane is an amazing, caring and exceptional doctor! His warm and welcoming manner makes us feel very confident that he is truly concerned and attentive to our needs. Honestly, he is irreplaceable. His skills in finding the best course of action to solve any medical issue be it small or large, his genuine care and concern as well as his follow ups makes him invaluable. He does not simply “band-aid” but rather seeks a course of action and solution that allows healing, and optimum results so we can continue to remain healthy both mentally and physically. Dr. McLaughlin has watched our sons grow from very active little boys to productive, healthy men. He has mended knees and elbows, removed stitches and discomforts, strengthened bodies and minds. He truly takes a deep and honest interest in their continuing growth. My husband and I are indebted to him for his approachable, warm and genuine personality. He makes time to answer all our questions, provides practical solutions and recommendations, and has a ready smile! He has seen us through the early years of raising our sons, working full time in highly stressful and physically active careers, playing competitive sports and now retirement. We are so very lucky to have this fine man and exceptional doctor in our lives.

Many THANKS Dr. McLaughlin for all you do… we are truly blessed!

The Sykes Family, Cochrane

My Supportive Partner in My Health Care

I would just like to take a moment and express my gratitude for my Family doctor, Dr. Paul Collins. Not only is he a very experienced physician, but he is very personable & empathetic. He is a truly kind, caring and compassionate man. I suffer from Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia, TN is quite rare, and considered the worst pain known to mankind. As my condition has progressed, it has become harder to manage the severity and frequency of my pain. As a Physician it must be extremely difficult to see a patient in pain and not be able to “fix” it. I see how much my doctor cares by the look in his eyes, as well as his actions, and I am so grateful that he is always willing to suggest/refer different specialists, treatments etc. Dr. Collins is not just my GP, he is a supportive partner in my health care. Having him on my “team” makes me feel less alone in my suffering. His opinion is highly valued by myself and my family members who also see him for their care. When I had some success after a brain surgery he was genuinely happy for me, when that success was short lived, he continued to encourage me. As the pain became resistant to meds once again, he never gave up on me, he continues to support me and offer guidance. He has never said “there’s nothing I can do” I can’t explain how much that means to me. He has worked tirelessly to help people like me, I’m only one of many.

I know that my family and I are extremely lucky to call Dr. Collins our Family Doctor. My Family Doctor Rocks!!

Sherwood Park

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