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Patient Stories 4

Patient Stories

Standing Up for Slave Lake Patients

Slave Lake has been our home since 1998, and during this time we have had many amazing family doctors.

Two such doctors still call Slave Lake their home. Dr. Keaveny and Dr. O’Keefe have provided amazing care to their patients in Slave Lake for decades. They stayed after the devastating fire in 2011 even though they lost their home and belongings. They stayed and rebuilt their lives with the patient’s they served.

They put their patients first time and time again. They stood up for their patients and walked out of the FCC model. They continue to stand up for their patients— they are two family doctors that rock.

ShawnaLee Jessiman, Slave Lake

All in the Family… an Exceptional Family of Doctors

In my family all five of us see a husband/wife couple. The males see the man of the house and the females see the lady doctor. This married couple are not only skilled and compassionate doctors but an asset to our community which struggles to retain doctors due to its rural, remote nature.

Several years ago my son fell off the slide in the school playground and suffered a concussion. Our family doctor stayed with him in hospital, phoned our home in the evening, the next morning and the next Saturday from a hockey tournament he was attending with his own son. He gave us not only his home phone number but also his cell number. A few years later, my daughter was experiencing some unusual symptoms. Her doctor did not rest until she scheduled a specialist via telehealth and a follow up face-to-face appointment in the city. When we arrived at the city clinic the staff there said “How did you get an appointment here so quickly? Most people wait much longer to get in to see the specialist!” I do not know what strings our magical family doctor pulled, but she was able to get my daughter on the road to recovery. Maybe because she delivered my daughter she also felt she needed to stick by her into adulthood!

Finally, this married couple lost their house and everything they owned in the Slave Lake wildfires. They returned to our community with nothing and continued to work at their medical practice as they rebuilt their home while many others left.

Here’s to you, Johnny Keaveny and Terry O’Keeffe!

Thanks for sticking with the people of Slave Lake!

Continuity of Care

I wanted to tell you about our family doctor Dr. Pieter Cloete in Sherwood Park. He has been our family doctor for about eight years now and is always accommodating to patients, will follow up, calls you back, and checks in with you on various on-going issues.

Even when he is full for appointments, he will still ‘squeeze’ in patients if needed and not refer them to medi-centres. I feel I have a continuity of care. Dr. Cloete actually keeps abreast of the newest treatments and information on top of keeping tabs on his patients.

Thank you, Tracy
Sherwood Park

Truly Lucky

We are truly lucky to have Dr. Robert Simard as our family physician. He is a knowledgeable, perceptive gentleman who is always open to new research, and a wonderful listener who never makes us feel rushed during appointments.

Dr. Simard has become a trusted, vital support to our family!

Wendy, Leduc

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