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President’s Message – February 2024

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Dear ACFP Members:

Although we are still in the early days of 2024, our commitment to representing the voice of family physicians on matters that impact our health care system remains our top priority. We have continued to engage in conversations with the government that can influence policy for the well-being of our members, our patients, and our communities.   

Decreasing Administrative Burden 

Last year, the ACFP, in collaboration with the AMA and members of the Supporting Comprehensive Primary Care Task Force, conducted a survey and compiled a report to the Minister of Health on Decreasing Administrative Burden. We thank you for answering the survey and are happy to be sharing the report and recommendations with you soon.

Gender-Affirming Care for Youth 

The Alberta Government’s plans to restrict health care options for gender-diverse youth are concerning. These have implications not only to our role as family physicians but also for the health of our young patients and their families. As a response, on February 6th, the ACFP sent a letter to the Premier and published a statement to underscore gender-affirming care for youth being a medical decision that needs to be made in the context of a physician-patient relationship. It is our hope that our perspective is taken into consideration during the policy-making process.  

Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) 

The second month of the year brings a sense of joyous anticipation at the ACFP as we get closer to the 69th Family Medicine Summit in Banff. I look forward to the learning to be had with the CPD sessions, celebrating our outstanding peers, residents and students, and connecting with all the members at the three-day annual conference.  

On March 2nd during the Summit, we will be having the 2024 Annual Meeting of Members (AMM), which is crucial to our governance and operations as an organization. I encourage everyone to take part in the AMM in person and virtually and make your vote count on motions that are relevant to our membership.  

Visit the ACFP webpage for more information on the AMM. If you have not confirmed your attendance yet, please RSVP to confirm your attendance on or before March 1st.  

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the AMM! 



Noel DaCunha, MBBS, CCFP  
Alberta College of Family Physicians 

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning trans youth. I feel strongly that groups like ACFP and AMA need to include trans youth in all their messaging at every opportunity until their rights are no longer at risk.

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