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Opioid Response Initiative – One Year Later

As we approach the one year mark of the Primary Health Care Opioid Response Initiative, it is important to reflect on the incredible milestones we have achieved thus far. With regards to the urgent response, we have seen increased access to treatment and have exceeded our targets. In the past six months there were:

  • 135 more PCN providers trained to prescribe OAT
  • 61 new PCN prescribers of OAT and,
  • 541 more patients receiving OAT in Primary Care

ACFP is also excited to continue building on these elements and providing resource tools that support this initiative. One tool we will feature in the month to come is the BS (Best Science) Medicine podcast. The BS Medicine podcast is hosted by Dr. James McCormack (affiliate of PEER) out of the University of British Columbia and Dr. Mike Allan (member of PEER) from the CFPC/University of Alberta. James and Mike have been doing this podcast for over 10 years and have more than 400 episodes! Both have created an entertaining way of providing evidence for primary care. Check out episodes 404-406 which relate to Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

This work is just the beginning. We will focus to expand our efforts to assist family physicians and their teams in making practical changes within their practices. These tools are embedded within our CMN OAT Workshops – Identifying and Treating Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care, which are underway and garnering great interest. For a full list of upcoming events please, refer to the CMN OAT Workshops – Identifying and Treating Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care page. Other highlights on the horizon are the Opioid Change Packages and Improvement Facilitator Training created by The Alberta Medical Association. We look forward to the delivery of these tools in the next few months.

As the Grant Secretariat and on behalf of the ACFP, I want to extend my appreciation to the grant partners, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Medical Association, PEER, and the Zone PCN committees and working group members who have stepped up to participate and lead this coordinated primary care response. It is through a collective effort that we have been able to make so much progress.

Terri Potter, BA, PMP, CAE
Executive Director, ACFP

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