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Access to quality continuing professional development and best practice resources

Access to quality CPD and best practice resources is one of our foundational pillars. The ACFP prides itself for the leadership role it holds for providing quality CPD/CME through its programs and services. Our drivers for success in program development are rooted in providing practical, relevant, credible, evidence-based CPD/CME.

Stewards of the Mainpro+ (Maintenance of Proficiency)
At a provincial level, we support our National College in their work to define the discipline of family medicine by establishing standards for clinical practice, training, certification, and accreditation of continuing professional development.

CPD Programs

Learn More ACFP’s Best Kept Secret and Earn Up to 70 Certified Credits

GoMainpro is an online learning tool where you can earn certified Self-Learning credits on the ACFP’s Tools for Practice library and videos from the ACFP’s 61st Annual Scientific Assembly and Practical Evidence for Informed Practice conferences. Sign up for an annual subscription and earn up to 70 credits. Once you sign up for your annual subscription, simply access and reflect on your learning. We’ll do the reporting for you. It’s as easy as that!



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