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Mainpro+ Tips: Complete an Assessment Activity for 6 Certified Credits

Learn More About Claiming Credits Through Assessment Activities

You may earn certified Mainpro+ credits by completing a number of assessment activities including practice audits, quality assurance programs, Linking Learning to Assessment exercises, provincial Practice Reviews, PearlsTM, and/or medical examiner for certification exams.

Earn Six Certified Mainpro+ Credits With a Step by Step to Completing an Assessment Activity

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the large Mainpro+ logo on the centre of the screen to the right of the PROFILE box
  3. Click on ENTER A CPD ACTIVITYgreen button below your name (in the top left of the screen)
  4. Select the Category type and click on Assessment
  5. Click on Certified
  6. Click on Practice Audit/Quality Assurance Programs
  7. Fill out the form and click on submit

Watch the Assessment Activity Tutorial

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