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January Message from the Executive Director

10 years and 250 Tools for Practice Articles – Celebrating the PEER/ACFP Partnership

We have a legacy relationship that we want to celebrate this month!  ACFP has a reputation for being a collaborative organization that works well with others and, hands down, the most amazing partnership is that of PEER and ACFP! This collaboration started back in 2009 with conversations between the ACFP President, Dr. Rick Ward, Executive Director, Peggy Maher, and Dr. Mike Allan which resulted in the release of the first Tools for Practice Article sent in May 2009 to ACFP’s then, 2500 members. The reach of this program has now grown into a nationally recognized continuing professional development, evidence-based medicine (EBM) program now known as PEER—Patients Experience Evidence Research that reaches over 40,000 providers. The ACFP/PEER partnership achieved some significant milestones recently with the delivery of the 250th Tools for Practice Article and 10 years of ACFP and PEER working together

Over the last 10 years, the investment by you, the ACFP members, the University of Alberta’s Department of Family Medicine, and several other funders along the way, have helped the program expand. The Tools for Practice Articles are now sent to approximately 39,000 subscribers across Canada, while over 2000 members and interdisciplinary providers are able to attend in-person training sessions each year through Best Practice Support Visits, Conference Workshops, Roadshows, and CPD Events in Alberta and other Provinces and Territories.  As well, with the online platform GoMainpro, broadcasting web-based, asynchronous programming, and regular podcasts, thousands of others can receive the value of the entertaining and educational events put on by this engaging team of evidence experts. 

Our partnership has evolved through the ACFP’s investment in staff to run the program and for outreach costs such as: web site, publication, travel, and development costs.  Our ACFP staff team and the PEER team are committed to continuing to work together to provide value to members in Alberta and across the nation.  We are now working toward a new relationship with the CFPC and OCFP to ensure that all CFPC members have access to the programs that are tried, tested, and true, built here in Alberta.  We are proud of the growth of the program, the visionary leadership of the ever-expanding PEER team and the unending resource to primary care providers that has improved patient care across Canada and internationally. Its been a great run and we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Terri Potter, BA PMP CAE
ACFP Executive Director, PCA Representative

The ACFP/PEER Programs and Partnership has been made possible through the contributions of the following dedicated people:

Dr. Mike Allan, CCFP, CFPC
Dr. Tina Korownyk, CCFP, U of A
Dr. Mike Kolber, CCFP, U of A
Dr. Adrienne Lindblad, PharmD, ACFP
Nikita McEwan, ACFP
Susan Wong Armstrong, ACFP
Lorrainne Dubois, ACFP
Terri Potter, ACFP
Dr. Joey Ton, PharmD, CFPC
Betsy Thomas, BSc Pharm, ACFP
Danielle Perry, RN, ACFP
Dr. Scott Garrison, CCFP, U of A
Dr. James McCormick, PharmD, UBC

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  1. what a terrific article, and an amazing anniversary to recognize. Hats off to Rick, Mike and Peggy for their foresight, and to you and the ACFP for the patient and persistent support through this decade of growth. I’m so delighted the circle of support for this work is growing so measurably, and glad the CFPC can be a part of it!

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