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Green Healthcare Toolkit

Shared by Drs. Shari Fallis, Karen Louie, and Veronica Tomcej

The Edmonton O-day’min Primary Care Network (EOPCN) Green for Health Committee has been working on a Green Healthcare Toolkit project for Alberta primary care providers, supported by grant funding from the Northern Alberta Academic Family Medicine Fund. This initiative provides practical tips to address ways that family physicians can impact climate change at a practice level.

Each toolkit comes with an article that reviews the literature and provides references. Accompanying each article is an assortment of posters, charts, or infographics that can help in a family physician’s office. Each toolkit aims to address three compelling issues – environment, health, and economic sustainability. As of yet, there are three toolkits (listed below), but there are more toolkits to come. Check the EOPCN Green Healthcare Toolkit page for future news and updates, and to find all three toolkits. Make sure to click the green button below the images to access each toolkit from the site.


  • Infographic: How can we reduce the impact of inhalers on the environment?
  • Poster: If your inhaler looks like one of these…
  • Chart: Respiratory Inhalers and Green Options Alberta
  • Clinical Article: Protecting the air we breathe: Reducing the impact of inhalers on our planet


  • Planetary Diet Prescription
  • Planetary Diet Rx
  • Planetary Diet Bingo
  • Clinical Article: Good for the planet and good for our bodies: Does a planetary health diet improve patient health?


  • Infographic
  • Clinical Article: Good for the planet and good for our bodies: the case for active transportation

Planetary Health at the Family Medicine Summit

Interested in learning more? Register for the 2023 Family Medicine Summit and listen to Dr. Courtney Howard speaking on Planetary Health on March 4 at 9:15AM. Dr. Howard will help define the world’s current environmental state, evaluate how this impacts human health, and how to implement responsive and proactive family medicine-based strategies to support planetary health.

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