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FFYFP Blog – Summarizing a Sensational Summit

By: Dr. Kristina Quan

I had the opportunity to attend ACFP’s 2024 Family Medicine Summit at The Rimrock Resort Hotel in beautiful Banff, Alberta. The ACFP has been assembling physicians together for almost 70 years! Despite the treacherous snowy road conditions, there was a great turnout of nearly 600 registrants, including staff, speakers, and virtual participants. 

The 2024 Summit program was filled with a variety of medical presentations, a Research Showcase, and Talks with Docs Roundtable discussions. This weekend brought together colleagues to reconnect, discuss challenges, and reflect on what it means to be a family physician. 

There were practice-changing tips in each session but one of my favorite talks was “Why Menopause Care Deserves a Make-Over!” by Dr. Shafeena Premji. My practice has already been changed by the evidence and her approach to women’s health. 

Summit was capped off with a memorable speech by renowned speaker, author, and physician, Dr. Gabor Maté. He introduced his philosophy of “where science meets compassion” and led a thought-provoking discussion to end the Summit with a bang.

I was able to connect with colleagues, grow my medical knowledge, and cultivate a compassionate approach to medicine. It was an unforgettable weekend.  Be sure to keep your eyes out and register for the 70th annual ACFP Family Medicine Summit (March 7-9, 2025)!

FFYFP-Collected “Pearls” from the 2024 Family Medicine Summit

  • Menopause Makeover: I’m not treating your [hormone level] numbers, I’m treating you based on your symptoms. The bloodwork that I do order is really just to make sure [the patient] doesn’t have any contraindications or any risk factors that will help me determine if she should be on an oral or a transdermal estrogen. 
  • Menopause Makeover: There is no mandatory limit to the duration of the use of Menopausal Hormone Therapy – we don’t have to stop after 5 years or after 60. It is really a shared decision [between you and your patient] that should be reviewed year after year to consider the benefits and potential risks together.
  • GI Update For Primary Care: For IBS constipation, clean out with small volume bowel prep then reset bowels rather than slow trickle of PEG 3350 over days to get rid of backed up constipation.
  • GI Update For Primary Care: New guideline for post-polypectomy management based on evidence of non-recurrence and/or low incidence of bowel cancer
  • Screenagers and Parents: Family media plan to help families set up healthy boundaries around screens 
  • Hematology: Mild thrombocytopenia – monitor every 6-12 months, no therapy needed for platelets 100-150. Refer to hematology if platelets are consistently <100, or patient develops other CBC abnormalities.
  • Lifehack ER: Use the bottom half of a speculum with a light to visualize the throat for peritonsillar abscesses. And have the patient hold it.

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