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Message From the Executive Director

The ACFP works hard to ensure that the best evidence is referenced in system-level discussions and clinical recommendations.

We have been able to do this through a long standing formal partnership with the University of Alberta’s Evidence Based Medicine Team and the Alberta College of Family Physicians. The ACFP works together with the team on the development and delivery of Tools for Practice Articles, The Practical Evidence for Informed Practice Conference (PEIP), and other innovative projects that support evidence based practices for primary care teams.

The team recently rebranded themselves to the PEER – where medicine and evidence collide. Providing optimal health care in the context of Patient preference and values, physician Experience, and scientific Evidence from relevant Research reflecting patient-oriented outcomes.

  • Patients
  • Experience
  • Evidence
  • Research



I would personally like to thank the PEER team consisting of Dr. Mike Allan, Dr. Tina Korownyk, Dr. Mike Kolber, Dr. Scott Garrison, Dr. Adrienne Lindblad (PharmD), Sharon Nickel, and Dr. James McCormack (Pharm D) of UBC for over five years of commitment to evidence informed resources for our members. We are happy to continue this very effective investment and partnership between academic family physicians, pharmacists and the program delivery experts at ACFP.

Executive Director
Alberta College of Family Physicians

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