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Connect Care Update – Delivery Results, Connect Care Identifiers, and Launch Sequencing

AHS Memo – January 21, 2022

Connect Care continues to be one of Alberta Health Services’ highest organizational priorities. Upcoming launch dates have been confirmed, as follows:

Launch 4May 28, 2022 Sites in Calgary and Edmonton zones
Launch 5Nov 6, 2022Sites in Calgary, Central, and North zones; some provincial programs (including Cancer Care Alberta)
Launch 6Spring 2023Calgary and provincial lab services; sites in Calgary, Edmonton and Central zones

AHS’ executive leadership continues to monitor the situation related to managing COVID-19, and should these dates change, the information will be shared through usual AHS channels. The final implementation, launch 9, is scheduled for fall, 2024. Connect Care is already being used in parts of the Edmonton and North Zones. Additional information about which sites are included with each Connect Care launch is available here.

All community providers in Alberta need to act so that laboratory, diagnostic imaging, and other investigation results and reports are delivered to your office. As of February 2022, Connect Care Identifiers have been distributed to providers and clinics throughout Alberta, via letter mail. To confirm Connect Care IDs for providers and clinics, please visit:

Please start using Connect Care IDs immediately and continue to also include non-Connect Care IDs on requisitions.

Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL), DynaLIFE, and AHS Diagnostic Imaging (DI) have all introduced requisitions that include space for Connect Care and other current (“legacy”) healthcare identifiers. Please use the current requisition forms (updated in 2020) and provide current identification information, legacy IDs (e.g. Millennium ID), AND new Connect Care IDs on requisitions. For more information, please see: Using Connect Care IDs on Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging Requisitions.

To facilitate results delivery, providers are also asked to maintain updated practice, demographic, and clinic information with AHS using the Request for Provider/Prescriber Set-Up in Health Information Systems form.

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