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Connect Care – Changes to MyAHS Connect proxy access

Alberta Health Services is changing how youth accounts in our online patient portal, MyAHS Connect, can be accessed by a parent or guardian via proxy access. Proxy access (i.e. parents/guardians being able to view a youth’s health records) via MyAHS Connect will now automatically end when a youth turns 12 years of age.

This decision is expected to be met with sensitivity by some parents and guardians, especially within child health programs and family medicine clinics where MyAHS Connect proxy access has been offered since the Connect Care Wave 1 launch.

Community providers should be aware that information related to the care you provide to patients, including test results and prescriptions, may or may not be viewable by parents/youth in this situation. In addition, as a community provider you may receive questions about proxy access from parents and guardians. Community providers cannot grant MyAHS Connect proxy access; youth and parents/guardians must discuss this with an AHS provider, who is part of their care team at a site with Connect Care in place.

Healthcare providers for youth advocated for this change to proxy access, based on experience with vulnerable youth. In their experience, it is at approximately age 12 when at-risk populations may begin to access or require healthcare independent of their parents or guardians. Limiting access to information for parents and guardians when a youth turns 12, is designed to protect vulnerable youth, while continuing to enable MyAHS Connect proxy access for families in situations where it is most valuable. As healthcare providers and as a community, it is our responsibility to protect those most at-risk. Protecting patients in vulnerable situations aligns with AHS values of patient-centred care.

For more information, visit You can also send any questions or feedback about MyAHS Connect to


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