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Connect Care – Changes to MyAHS Connect proxy access

Updated: January 30, 2024

There was a planned temporary change in Connect Care to limit how youth accounts in MyAHS Connect can be accessed by another individual (e.g., parent or authorized representative), known as proxy access.

In the current environment restrictions to proxy access are already in place and proxy access for parents/authorized representatives ends when a minor turns 12 years old, except in circumstances where a healthcare provider determines the youth has special healthcare needs.

Moving forward, it was intended that proxy access could only be provided past age 11, if the youth met additional, very specific, clinical criteria regarding their developmental age. This would affect only those parents or authorized representatives who already have proxy access to their youth’s MyAHS Connect account.

MyAHS Connect proxy access gives a parent or authorized representative access to a youth’s entire health record. This may be a risk for some youth who are accessing sensitive health services.

As is already the case, proxy access to a child’s health information via MyAHS Connect ends when they turn 12 years old. This is an automatic system setting based on birthdate and is not made at the request of the minor or their healthcare team. This does not affect a parent or authorized representative’s decision-making authority, their ability to attend appointments or involvement in all aspects of care, as they are a valuable part of their youth’s healthcare team.

With recent engagement sessions and feedback about this upcoming proxy change, and on closer review, on Friday, January 26, 2024, the decision was made to pause and revisit these changes to proxy access for youth. As a result of this pause, no changes will be implemented to those with existing proxy access to youth accounts aged 12-17 at this time.

AHS is working to identify potential solutions that would strike a better balance between the needs of maturing youth and the ability of their parents/authorized representatives to support them with ongoing healthcare needs.  

More information about MyAHS Connect and proxy access is available, here.

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