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April’s E-Panel Results Are In!

April’s e-Panel asked about Clinical Decision Support Tools (CDSTs) and how they can be better accepted and implemented by primary care physicians. Respondents were also asked to rank barriers to using CDSTs in their practices, list their favourite CDSTs, and discuss ways that CDSTs can be developed to be most useful at the point of care.

An interesting aspect of this question is that even when analyzed based on practice location (urban vs. rural) or practice type (solo vs. group) these remained the top four choices, just in different configurations.

The chart below shows the most popular ways that CDSTs can be developed to be most useful at point of care. Respondents were asked to check all choices that applied out of ten options, and these four were the most favoured. They also did not change based on practice type or location.

Respondents were also asked to list their favourite CDST and give a brief explanation as to why it is their favourite. This list is available in the full results of the e-panel, along with additional barriers and ways to make the content of CDSTs more relevant to practice.

Full e-panel results are available for download here.

The Alberta Family Medicine E-Panel is an initiative supported by the Alberta College of Family Physicians, Alberta Health Services Strategic Clinical Networks™, Alberta Health Services Primary Health Care Integration Network, and the Alberta Medical Association. If you would like to be a member of this e-panel, please contact Adam Filiatreault.

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