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Everyday Excellence

Celebrating the everyday success of family physicians 

Celebrating Our Members

Building on the continued success our Family Docs Rock Campaign and our annual awards, Everyday Excellence – Celebrating Our Members is an opportunity for family physicians to recognize their peers who continue to advance care, grow the Patient’s Medical Home, and advocate for the Family Medicine community. With recommendations from colleagues, peers, and the ACFP, this feature will spotlight one family physician every month and their noteworthy way of managing teams, guiding peers, or enhancing their communities. No effort is too small, no goal is too big, Everyday Excellence finds beauty in the ordinary.

August Feature – Noel DaCunha, MD CCFP

Dr. DaCunha starting his day with an early round of golf.

Family Physician, 33 years – Westlock, AB

No two days are ever quite the same for a family physician, and rural doc Noel DaCunha, can attest to that. Dr. DaCunha’s practice consist of multi-generational families, which means his scope of work extends from, “delivering their babies, looking after their great grandparents and everything in between.” It is this comprehensive, patient and family-centred care that inspired Dr. DaCunha to pursue Family Medicine, a specialization where he could engage with patients that he knew well and be involved in all aspects of their healthcare…

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