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Tools for Practice

Tools for Practice Today

The ACFP proudly supports the clinically relevant and evidence-based resource,
Tools for Practice (TFP), produced by PEER.

The spread and scale of TFP is made possible by the collaboration and support of the following contributing partners of the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Knowledge, Experts, Tools (KET) Program.

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What is a TFP?

TFP are articles developed free of industry bias and are based on the best available evidence. Topics vary from issue to issue but are timely and consistently applicable to clinical practice. Every TFP includes:

  • Clinical Question: the area of focus
  • Bottom Line: a plain language summary to address the question and provide clinicians a focused answer to the clinical question
  • Evidence: the highest levels of evidence (E.g., systematic reviews, meta-analyses, randomized controlled trials)
  • Context: an examination of the evidence’s limitations, of weaker evidence (cohort or case-control studies) related to the clinical question, guidelines, and important aspects of application
  • References: listed in abbreviated style, including the first three authors