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Celebrating Excellence in Research

The ACFP’s What’s Up Doc? Research Showcase is one of the most valued forums to present at in Alberta.  Oral presentations and posters displayed at this event are peer-reviewed and selected for their quality, importance, and relevance to family medicine. The selection process is very competitive and often sees over 50 research abstracts submitted each year. In 2020, a total of 36 research abstract submissions were selected for presentation or display at the Showcase.

The Hoselton aluminum Tree of Life is given to our research award recipients. This hand-crafted sculpture embodies the strength of our commitment and the strong roots of family medicine in the healthcare community.




Award recipients are determined through a peer-review process evaluation based on the following criteria – Relevance and importance to family medicine; Relevance to primary care research and researchers; Innovation/originality; Clear, well-written description, well-defined objectives, and appropriate learning methods/style. Top scoring abstracts are adjudicated onsite at the Research Showcase. 

Oral Presentation Category

  • 1st Place: If continuity is king, access is queen –Lisa Cook, Richard P. Golonka, Charles M. Cook, Robin L. Walker, Peter Faris, Shannon Spenceley, Richard Lewanczuk, Rob Wedel, Rebecca Love, Cheryl Andres, Susan D. Byers, Tim Collins, Scott Oddie
  • 2nd Place: Assessing the use and functionality of the current disease classification system used in Canadian primary care settings – Stephanie Garies, Phoebe Ng, Jim Dickinson, Terrence McDonald, Cathy Eastwood, Danielle Southern, Maeve O’Beirne, Kerry McBrien, Neil Drummond, Hude Quan
  • 3rd Place: Scaling up cirrhosis care: Understanding primary care and specialty mental models – Tanya Barber, Lynn Toon, June Austin, Michelle Corbenneau, Puneeta Tandon, Lee Green

Poster Display Category

  • 1st Place: Family physician prescribing practices and perspectives on shared decision making regarding the use of oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in patients 75 years or older with atrial fibrillation – Jahaan Ali, Marjan Abbasi, Sheny Khera, Paul Kivi, Peter George Tian
  • 2nd Place: The practical clinical advantages of the Edmonton obesity staging system– Rukia Swaleh, Taylor McGuckin, Tyler W Myroniuk, Donna Manca, Karen Lee, Arya Sharma, Denise Campbell-Scherer, Roseanne O Yeung
  • 3rd Place: Healthy or harmful? A realist review on the impact of health system engagement for people who use drugs – Linda Lam, Lawrence Ferguson, Hannah Brooks, Sandra Campbell, Kari Dumont, Vanessa Gladue, Elaine Hyshka, Mark Kratko, Heather Morris, Lara Nixon, Jane Springett, Ginetta Salvalaggio

Research Showcase Award Ceremony  

Were you unable to join us at the Family Medicine Summit? Not to worry – we have the Research Awards ceremony right here! Take the time to celebrate all the wonderful research happening in Alberta.

To see all the posters presented at the Summit click here.