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Virtual Education Committee

In April 2020, the Virtual Education Scientific Planning Committee (VEC), an ad-hoc operational committee of the ACFP CPD Advisory Committee was struck in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic continues, it is imperative that the ACFP respond to the continuing medical education and professional development needs of its members by shifting this ongoing work to a standing committee. The VEC is an operational committee of the ACFP Continuing Professional Development Advisory Committee (CPDAC). Since the growth and acceptance of online learning from members, the ACFP has identified that providing alternative modalities for learning will be an added value and complement to its current continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing medical education (CME) programming.

The VEC is responsible for the development and delivery of the ACFP’s Virtual Education programming. Committee members must be prepared to have substantial involvement in the development of CPD/CME opportunities and provide timely and responsive guidance to inform decisions on how to fulfill the CME and CPD gaps for members. This is a new standing committee, and we are looking for representation from across Alberta.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Janet Craig (Chair), Edmonton
  • Dr. Andrei Aldea, Calgary
  • Dr. Rukhsana Ameen, Edmonton
  • Dr. Tina Nicholson, Cochrane
  • Dr. Mitra Rafati, Edmonton


Janet Craig
Andrei Aldea
Rukhsana Ameen
Mitra Rafati
Tina Nicholson

Terms of Reference

The Virtual Education Committee (VEC) is an operational committee of the ACFP.


The Committee is responsible for the development and delivery of the ACFP’s Virtual Education programming.

Dr. Janet Craig

Dr. Janet Craig has been a community family physician in Edmonton since 1991. She also does some consulting work regarding access and continuity.
When not working, I like to walk in Edmonton’s River Valley, or travel.

She has been an active member of the ACFP for the past five years having chaired the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Advisory Committee and been an active scientific planning committee member for the Family Medicine Summit. Today, she chairs the Virtual Education Committee.

Why did you volunteer for this position or why do you serve on this committee/task force?
The ACFP plays an important role in Alberta, and I wanted to contribute.

What do you value most about the work of the ACFP?
Its advocacy efforts about the importance and value of comprehensive family physicians.


Dr. Andrei Aldea

Dr. Andrei Aldea is a practising family physician in Calgary. His began volunteering with the ACFP beginning in 2021 as the Family Medicine Resident Board Liaison.

He is a Canadian with Romanian roots, who grew up in Ottawa and completed medical school at McGill University. He has experience in private biotechnology and the governmental health sector, with passions rooted in playing high-level soccer, travelling, and spending time with friends.



Dr. Rukhsana Ameen

Dr. Ameen has 20 years of work experience in the Armed forces as a physician. 

She now practices in both rural and urban settings as a teacher, researcher, health advocate, and administrator, and is proud to recognize herself as a lifelong learner.













Dr. Mitra Rafati

Dr. Mitra Rafati is a Family Medicine residency program graduate of the University of Alberta, and a clinical assistant professor in the department of Family Medicine. 





Her area of interest is care of elderly and geriatric rehabilitation.

Dr. Tina Nicholson

Dr. Tina Nicholson is a family physician based in Cochrane with a special interest in child adolescent through to early adult mental health- especially ADHD. Her long-term passion for peer-to-peer medical education and optimizing practice has led to her role as Medical Director of Primary Care for the Offices of PLP and CMEPD, University of Calgary. Involvement with the Medicine SCN and HQCA has allowed Dr. Nicholson to promote connections between primary and specialty care as well as using data-informed, self-reflection to support practice change and enhance patient care. She regularly presents and chairs various CME initiatives, including Pearls for Family Practice, PRA IMG OrientationWorkshop, COVID Corner, and CanREACH and REACH Institute courses. Spare time is spent outside enjoying the mountains and lakes with family or crafting celebration cakes!

Why did you volunteer for this position or why do you serve on this committee/task force?
Acknowledging the need for broad evidence-based topics in CME that do not duplicate other offerings but reach the needs of our audience in primary care – this committee seemed to be the perfect fit!

What do you value most about the work of the ACFP?
A provincial force for primary care – the college creates a virtual community of practice that allows strong networking opportunities. The college provides advocacy for all FPs as well as space for shared learning and personal development in our careers as well as promotes successful work-life balance.