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Finance and Audit Committee

Committee members include members of the Board of Directors and Members at Large, and are mandated to carry out specified functions, programs, or projects assigned by the Board. Governance Committees help the Board do its job.

The Finance and Audit Committee is a standing committee of the Board, with a membership of at least three, chaired by the Board Treasurer tasked with the following:

  • Assurance that a fully qualified external auditor conducts a competent financial audit annually
  • Presenting audit results to the Board with recommendations as required
  • Annual review and provision of recommendation for updates to policies related to financial condition and activities, financial planning, budgeting and regular reporting by Executive Director.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Douglas Tuck (Treasurer), St. Albert
  • Dr. Noel DaCunha (President), Westlock
  • Dr. Sudha Koppula (Past President), Edmonton
Douglas Tuck
Noel Dacunha
Sudha Koppula
Past President

Terms of Reference

The Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) is a governance committee of the ACFP Board of Directors. The essence of the committee is to provide oversight of the financial activities of the ACFP. The FAC is delegated this responsibility by the ACFP Board and will advise the Board on financial items such as operating and special reserves, investments, annual audit, annual operating and capital budget planning, and quarterly review of financial reports.


This Committee reviews the adequacy and effectiveness of the operating and capital budget planning processes; the presentation and integrity of the ACFP’s financial statements, and, processes and structures for managing risk; oversees the qualifications, independence and performance of the external auditors; and, monitors financial performance against plans.

Dr. Doug Tuck

I’m Dr. Douglas Tuck and I’m a family physician who attended Medical School at Dalhousie (‘11), Halifax NS, and Residency at U of A (‘13). I’ve been living and practising in Alberta ever since.

Concurrently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) until July of 2019, I practised in both the federal and provincial health care systems. This afforded me the opportunity to deploy and practise in the United States (RIMPAC), Jordan (Syrian Refuges), and Ukraine. I also served as the Senior Medical Authority in a multidisciplinary facility for 18 months prior to my retirement from the CAF. During this time, I assisted in the development of Quality Assurance initiatives and the adaptation of a care delivery systems.

Giving back to the community has always been a priority for me. There has rarely been a period in my life where I have not volunteered in some capacity. I’ve served as a coach, student politician, and as a board member at both Mount Allison University and the Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) while a resident at University of Alberta. I firmly believe one should endeavour to work to improve the lot of those who follow behind us.

Dr. Noel DaCunha

I’m Dr. Noel DaCunha and I live and work in Westlock, a small town an hour north of Edmonton. I have practised rural family medicine in Alberta for thirty-two years, having previously trained in London, England.  Teaching students and residents is one of my greatest joys and I embrace all that rural Alberta has to offer.

Since joining the board, I have grown to appreciate the challenges facing family medicine in Alberta and Canada and the need for strong leadership, advocacy, as well as well directed professional development programs and research.

I am proud of the leadership role that our board has taken with respect to the opioid crisis and our active engagement with the developing and rapidly changing primary care landscape in Alberta.

I enjoy being a Board member and a member of the Awards and Recognition Committee because it is very gratifying being a member of a team that supports our family physicians and is committed to improving the lives of all Albertans.

I joined the board because I felt I had accumulated sufficient knowledge and experience to add to the perspective of the board and hopefully make a positive contribution.

Dr. Sudha Koppula

I’m Dr. Sudha Koppula and I was born at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, where I also completed my family medicine training. I now enjoy a broad range family practice located at the MacEwan University Health Centre.

I have benefited from knowledge and mentorship from many sources. These have been instrumental in inspiring my academic career at the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta, and my interest in medical education, especially faculty development.

In addition to my work in Edmonton and teaching in rural Alberta communities, I serve on committees with the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and present at national and international conferences.

My experience as a Board member
I’ve learned about how innovative Alberta family physicians are and the positive impacts they can make. I enjoy being a Board member because we do meaningful work while enjoying ourselves at the same time.