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Our History

Founded on a Vision for Knowledge Sharing and Professional Camaraderie

In June 1954, the Alberta College of Family Physicians was established by a group of general practitioners who believed in a vision—a vision for knowledge sharing in practical settings and professional camaraderie.

The Chapter was known, back then, as The College of General Practice (Alberta Division). A 1969 article written by the past president (1960), M. Dolgoy MD, in Canadian Family Physician documents the first 10 years of the Chapter.

Download the full article now or see the original 1969 scans.

June 1954

The College is founded. Dr. Pat Rose was nominated to represent the College in early deliberations.

October 1954

The Chapter’s Secretary, Dr. R. F. Taylor, sends a formal request to the University of Alberta’s Dean of Medicine, Dr. John Scott, for the desire to have Class A teaching hospitals with a focus on general practice training programs.

April 1955

First Scientific Assembly is held in Red Deer.

September 1955

Chapter members are asked to act as preceptors for third and fourth year students (the unofficial preceptorships are early remnants of a Residency program)

January 1957

3rd Annual Scientific Assembly held in Edmonton

January 1958

4th Annual Scientific Assembly held in Lethbridge

February 1958

Preceptor plans are finalized for Alberta and run until 1962 before it is replaced by the University of Alberta Family Study Plan.

January 1959

5th Annual Scientific Assembly moves to Banff and has remained as the conference location until this day.

The ACFP Celebrates 65 years