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Medical Mentoring for Chronic Pain and Addiction

The opioid crisis in Alberta has highlighted both the complexities and the importance of primary care. Family doctors are facing increased pressure  to actively respond to the opioid crisis, which may be uncomfortable or daunting for family physicians.

Just as the family practice is a trusted environment for patients to share their health concerns and seek help, the Collaborative Mentorship Networks (CMN) provides a safe and trusted environment with supporting infrastructure for family physicians to share concerns and seek support in treating their patients with chronic pain and addiction, including opioid use disorder. Initiated by the Primary Health Care Opioid Response Initiative, the Collaborative Mentorship Networks (CMN) for Chronic Pain and Addiction connects family physicians with colleagues who have experience and expertise in treating patients with pain and addiction. Please note this is not a referral service.

Objectives of the CMN for Chronic Pain and Addiction

  • Enhance the capacity of family physicians, their team, and community partners in providing complex clinical care of patients with chronic pain and addiction
  • Enhance the quality of complex clinical care
  • Provide practical, evidence based, relevant complex clinical care continuing professional development (CPD) based on learning needs
  • Provide the means for improving integration among primary and specialty care

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