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Clinical Connections Conference

Bridging Gaps Between Evidence and Practical Application for Family Practice

Designed for practical applicability for primary care teams with an emphasis on building connections and informing future resources this virtual series will allow you to build on each session or dive deeper into specific areas of interest.


With the guidance and discernment of the Scientific Planning Committee, the 2020 Clinical Connections Conference is going virtual!

This webinar series will bring together family physicians, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners and other providers to learn about, discuss, and share new practical clinical tools, resources, and initiatives in Alberta.

Our Mission

  • To provide high quality and engaging clinical education
  • To share evidence based best practice tools and resources
  • To identify and assess clinical gaps and challenges that require new approaches
  • To inspire new connections and relationships between those providing direct care with those who create tools, resources

Thank You

Over the last eight months, it has be the ACFP’s pleasure to offer this webinar series. Thank you to all attendees who participated in the inaugural Clinical Connections Conference.

Questions or Feedback

To learn more about this even or to feedback, please contact:

Kerri McNabb at

Planning Committee

This event is being led by a newly formed scientific planning committee made up of family physicians and pharmacists; we are grateful for their commitment and expertise.

Dr. V. Michelle Warren (Chair)
Dr. Tina Nicholson
Dr. Alice Bailey
Dr. Cathy Scrimshaw
Florrie MacDougall, Pharmacist
Adrienne Lindblad, Pharmacist