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First Five

First Five Blog: Should You R3?

By Dr. Shan Lu If you are in your second year of residency, you may be considering whether or not to do an R3. I had the same question in my second year and, to some extent, still do. This blog shares my personal story and links to the CFPC website for additional information about…

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Dealing With a College Complaint – Putting It Into Perspective

By Dr. Shan Lu and Dr. Kaili Hoffart Patient A was admitted due to weakness, falls, failure to thrive. He was still driving prior to admission. However, his cognitive screen revealed red flags about his ability to drive safely. After discussion with the patient, the attending physician filed a form to Alberta Driver Fitness Monitoring….

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The First 5 Years

Medicine is many things. It is constantly challenging, humbling when you least expect it, stressful within an instant and rewarding in circumstances you would never anticipate. The ways in which medicine can surprise, and even fool you, is particularly evident in a physician’s first five years of practice. The early stages of medical practice are…

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Dying With Assistance

“Death comes for all of us…Most lives are lived with passivity toward death-it’s something that happens to you and those around you…but [we] trained for years to actively engage death, to grapple with it…and, in so doing, to confront the meaning of a life…The secret is to know that the deck is stacked, that you…

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Reflections on My First Five Years in Family Practice

Welcome to the Inaugural ACFP First Five Year Blog Post! Our first post will be look back at my first year of practice after graduating residency. The first posting is Part 1 of three where I will focus on things I learned about myself and adapting to a new life of being the staff physician. PART…

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