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The Research Showcase is solely a forum for presentation of research. Marketing of products, services or software are not allowed at the Showcase.

The ACFP What’s Up Doc? Research Showcase, held annually as part of our Family Medicine Summit (FMS), has become one of the most valued opportunities in Alberta for family medicine and primary care researchers to present and share their research projects. We’re very privileged to have some of the best researchers in Alberta in attendance at this event. FMS registrants are encouraged to attend the What’s Up Doc? Research Workshops to hear the excellent oral presentations that are made, and celebrate and interact with our research community while viewing the posters on display in the evening at the conference reception.

What’s Up Doc?  Research Showcase 2020

Call for Abstracts – Now Open

Accepting abstracts for Research, Program Evaluation, and Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) projects. The deadline is Monday, November 25, 2019.


View Submission Guidelines                                                Abstract Submission Form


For more information on the 2020 Family Medicine Summit (FMS), click here!

Research Revue

We’re please to provide our research community with this opportunity at the Family Medicine Forum (FMF) to promote research projects or research resources to our attendees. Only five (5) spaces available!

Sponsorship and Research Promotion Opportunities

March 2019 – What’s Up Doc? Research Showcase

Our Call for Research Abstracts our for March 3, 2019 event was once again met with an extremely positive response. 59 abstracts were submitted, and 44 were selected for presentation or display at the Showcase. To view our 2019 research abstracts, click on the tiles below.