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Working Together for Healthy Aging in Alberta: Seniors Forum Recommendations

It is with great pleasure that we share the ACFP’s Healthy Aging Policy Paper – Working Together for Healthy Aging in Alberta: Seniors Forum Recommendations.

The work is the thoughtful collation of recommendations identified by key stakeholders interested in building partnerships focused on providing and improving seniors care.

The ACFP is an active member of the Alberta Seniors Care Coalition and continues to meet regularly to network and work together to advance healthy aging in Alberta.

The ACFP played an instrumental role in guiding ASCC work, taking on the role of Secretariat for two years and delivering a CPD conference—Seniors Care Conference in 2015.

The ACFP is very proud of this Policy Paper and would like to personally thank Sharon Nickel for taking this task on and delivering such a strong publication.

We would also like to thank the Seniors Forum participants, Alberta Seniors Care Coalition members, and past-Chair, Dr. Marjan Abassi for their leadership and commitment.

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