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Call for Board Nominations Extended

The ACFP is looking for Board Member nominations for two Director positions, with a focus on community practice. The term of office will be from March 2020 to March 2023. While not limited to the following areas, the Governance Advisory Committee (GAC) is currently encouraging applications from family physician members with experience and interest in:

  • rural, comprehensive community practice,
  • primary care network or clinic leadership,
  • online continuing professional development and practice supports, and/or,
  • knowledge and experience in Board strategy, financial, and legal aspects related to the not-for-profit sector.

Please take a moment to review the following for more details on how you may get involved.


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Overview of Application Process

  • The GAC shall seek in writing to Members, the names of eligible Members to consider for possible nomination as Director for the available position. This notice will consist of an application process for the potential Director.
  • Should an ACFP member in good standing wish to stand for election for the Director position they must complete the nomination form signed by five ACFP Members in good standing and the other required attachments to the application process (see below). Complete submissions must be made to the GAC no later than Thursday, October 31, 2019.
  • The GAC shall consider all applications before recommending the proposed slate of Directors to be circulated to all Members, at least 30 days prior to ACFP’s Annual Meeting of Members to be held on March 7, 2019.


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What the ACFP Board is Looking For

As a member organization, the ACFP Board strives to be as representative as possible with a focus on community practice, regional perspectives, and a broad range of experience and expertise. The GAC reviews applicants for their skills and competencies in specific areas when considering them for the ACFP Board of Directors. It is not expected that all Board Members will be experts in particular areas; instead the information gathered during the nomination process will help the GAC understand the potential of Board Member applicants.

  1. Family Medicine Experience – clinical, various practice settings, medical education, research and health care administration
  2. Alberta College of Family Physicians – knowledge and commitment to the vision, mission and strategic priorities
  3. Board Governance
  4. Not-for-Profit Organizations
  5. Legal Literacy – familiarity with contracts and other legal processes
  6. Financial Literacy – ability to understand the financial health of the organization as presented in its financial statements
  7. Strategic Planning – demonstrated ability to think critically about systemic issues and the role of the ACFP and family doctors in the health care system
  8. Systems Thinking – understanding of the reasons for ongoing organizational and system behaviour, and the underlying problems, opportunities or political forces affecting the ACFP, primary care and the health system in Alberta and Canada
  9. Risk Management – demonstrated ability to think critically about operational and governance issues to ensure the effective management of potential opportunities and adverse effects
  10. Ethics and Conflict of Interest
  11. Stakeholder Engagement
  12. Patient and Health Care Advocacy – demonstrated ability to communicate a position to the intended audience; champion of the role of the family doctor in patient care
  13. Political Acumen
  14. Public Affairs and Communications

ACFP Board Position Profile

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How to Apply

Interested individuals should review the following items below for more details on how to apply and the information required to accompany your application. The deadline for receipt of nominations is no later than Thursday, October 31, 2019.

Applications should be sent to the attention of:

Dr. Anila Ramaliu, Chair of the Governance Advisory Committee, Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) by email: or by mail: 370, 10403 172 Street, Edmonton AB T5S 1K9 or by fax: (780) 488-2396.

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Applications must include the following:

  1. 200 to 250 word Letter of Intent (LOI) to the GAC highlighting relevant experience and areas of interest;
  2. Completed Nominations Form signed by at least five members in good standing of the Alberta College of Family Physicians;
  3. Completed Skills/Competency Inventory Form. (Please note: The information collected in the Skills/Competency Inventory will act as an information tool for the GAC assessment of applicants and does not preclude anyone the opportunity from being appointed on the ACFP Board); and
  4. A current CV providing an overview of the applicant’s experience and qualifications in relation to the above criteria.

Should you have any questions about the above, please contact Terri Potter, Executive Director, at or by telephone 780-488-2395.

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Governance Advisory Committee (GAC) Members

Dr. Anila Ramaliu, Calgary – Chair
Dr. Vishal Bhella, Calgary – Board Representative
Dr. Sudha Koppula, Edmonton – Board Representative
Dr. John Chmelicek, Edmonton – Member-at-Large
Dr. Rollie Nichol, Calgary – Member-at-Large

2018/2019 ACFP Board of Directors

Dr. Vishal Bhella, Calgary – President
Dr. John Chmelicek, Edmonton – Past President
Dr. Sudha Koppula, Edmonton – Secretary
Dr. Clark Svrcek, Calgary – Treasurer

Dr. Noel DaCunha, Westlock
Dr. Sonya Lee, Calgary
Dr. Donna Mumert, Beaverlodge
Dr. Anila Ramaliu, Calgary
Dr. Randall Sargent, Canmore

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Current Committee Vacancies

We are also looking for volunteers to join various committees to help the ACFP progress into the future! We need invaluable input, innovation and creative ideas to build and shape the programs and services that we provide to our members. Being involved in a committee is a great way to help develop the ACFP, gain experience in various member service areas, participate in system level discussions, and support the organization that supports your specialty. For more information on all ACFP Committees, including terms of reference, visit Board and Committees.

The ACFP is proud of the engaged and dedicated members helping advance excellence in family medicine in Alberta. With their guidance and expertise, the ACFP is able to deliver relevant initiatives and activities. The College invites you to get involved and is currently looking for members to fill the following vacancies.

Governance Advisory Committee (GAC)

The Governance Advisory committee is a standing committee of the ACFP Board and must have at least two Board of Directors, where the Chair must be a past President or Past Board member or a designate from the Board. The Governance Advisory committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Annual recruitment and provision of screened nominees for potential Board members according to Board stated need
  • Annual review and provision of recommendations for changes to Bylaw to be presented to the Board and then Annual Meeting of Members of the ACFP for approval
  • Annual review and provision of recommendations for updates to Board Policies
    • 2 Member-at-Large positions

Membership Advisory Committee (MAC)

The Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) serves to ensure the ACFP is meeting the needs of its diverse membership. The committee is responsive to emergent member needs, and will, where necessary, create sub-committees or task forces to identify and meet these needs. This committee reports to the Executive Director with strategies and recommendations and will work with the ACFP staff to implement these through operational means. We are recruiting to the following positions:

    • 3 Member-at-Large positions

Awards and Recognition Committee (Awards)

The ACFP Awards and Recognition Committee plays an important role in building awareness for the ACFP, its members, and the significant role the ACFP plays in the advancing family practice in Alberta. The ACFP Awards and Recognition Committee recognizes, celebrates, and supports family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students in excellence in leadership, education, advocacy, and research. The Committee helps to promote the ACFP Awards Program and plays a strong role in scanning viable candidates for provincial and national awards and recognition. We are recruiting to the following position:

    • 1 Member-at-Large, representing a rural area

How to Apply

Should you have any questions, please contact the ACFP office by telephone at 780-488-2395 or by email at Applications should be emailed to and include a letter of interest (250 words max) along with a summary of your experience or a copy of your CV.

Stay Engaged. Get Involved!

Annual Meeting of Members Highlights

The ACFP Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) held on Saturday, March 2nd at the Family Medicine Summit was a great success again this year. With 139 registered members in attendance at the meeting, the Board of Directors were pleased with the turn out and the level of participation. Members were able to review and respond to the annual audit and the budget plan, and to vote on the membership fee. Members voted in one new member-at-large on the ACFP Board of Directors, Dr. Donna Mumert from Beaverlodge. Practising in Northern Alberta, Dr. Mumert brings a set of skills and perspectives that the Board will find very valuable in the coming years. President, Dr. Paul Sawchuk, and the CEO, Dr. Francine Lemire brought greetings  from the College of Family Physicians of Canada and spoke of the leadership that ACFP shows in the National primary care movement and the current opioid crisis. Dr. Vishal Bhella was formally inducted as the ACFP President by Dr. Sawchuck and ACFP Past-President, Dr. John Chmelicek. Dr. Bhella spoke to the future and ACFP’s role in provincial initiatives including Central Patient Attachment Registry and processes around patient information continuity and system integration. He also spoke about the role family physicians can take in quality improvement at the practice level, and ACFP’s continual advocacy efforts for the profession and discipline among Alberta health leaders and stakeholders. To read the full induction speech click here. ACFP Committees members, new and outgoing, were recognized for their contributions to the ACFP’s mandate and operations. The fairly new committee structure and new committee members have served the ACFP well as we embark on an increased focus on leadership in system transformation, value of membership, influencing public policy that impacts the care of patients and families in primary care, and provision of relevant and timely continuing professional development and medical education.

Interested in a Committee?

The ACFP is always looking for committed volunteers wanting to make a change and participate in College programs, services, and governance. Formal invitations for committee members go out annually in the spring. Visit the Board & Committees page for more information on ACFP’s committees and select a committee from the links provided. To learn more about ACFP committee positions currently vacant, see below.


The Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) is a Chapter of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Incorporated as a Society in 1997, the ACFP is governed by a set of bylaws. The ACFP Governance Advisory Committee reviews the bylaws periodically and makes recommendations for amendment to the ACFP Board of Directors.  Upon ACFP Board approval, the proposed amendments are presented to the CFPC Board of Directors for their approval.  Final approval is obtained by the passing of a special resolution by the ACFP Members at the Annual Meeting of Members as described in Article 11 of the ACFP Bylaws.

Current Bylaws

Our Bylaws help define the roles of the board, committees, and members and provide direction for the governance of the Chapter. The current Bylaws of the Alberta Chapter of the CFPC were approved at the Annual Meeting of Members on March 5, 2016 and registered on March 29, 2016.