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Virtual Education Committee

Virtual Education Committee

In April 2020, the Virtual Education Scientific Planning Committee (VEC), an ad-hoc operational committee of the ACFP CPD Advisory Committee was struck in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic continues, it is imperative that the ACFP respond to the continuing medical education and professional development needs of its members by shifting this ongoing work to a standing committee. The VEC is an operational committee of the ACFP Continuing Professional Development Advisory Committee (CPDAC). Since the growth and acceptance of online learning from members, the ACFP has identified that providing alternative modalities for learning will be an added value and complement to its current continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing medical education (CME) programming.

The VEC is responsible for the development and delivery of the ACFP’s Virtual Education programming. Committee members must be prepared to have substantial involvement in the development of CPD/CME opportunities and provide timely and responsive guidance to inform decisions on how to fulfill the CME and CPD gaps for members. This is a new standing committee, and we are looking for representation from across Alberta.


Dr. Janet Craig (Chair), Edmonton

Dr. Andrei Aldea, Calgary

Dr. Rukhsana Ameen, Edmonton

Dr. Saad Yasin, Edmonton

Dr. Tina Nicholson, Cochrane