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The PEIP Conference Planning Committee is a standing committee which plays an integral role in the creation and delivery of an evidence-based, clinically relevant, and thought-provoking continuing professional development (CPD) event on an annual basis.

The planning committee has worked hard to ensure ACFP’s popular evidence-based event is relevant and informative. With each member bringing a unique perspective to the development of the program, PEIP is certain to affect change among various practice settings.


  1. Be available to meet (by teleconference and/or in person, and regularly by email),
  2. Work with ACFP Staff Liaison and Project Team to deliver an annual, certified Group Learning CPD event, including:
    • Identification of topic areas, solicitation of expert speakers, and creation of preliminary learning objectives and session titles,
      • Development of a highly relevant and responsive CPD program that is practical and provides “bottom line” lessons,
  3. Raise awareness for the evidence-based discipline of practice and research,
  4. Help promote the Conference through your personal and/or professional networks.
  5. Read, understand, and adhere to the ACFP Volunteer Code of Conduct and the Roles and Expectations of Committee Members found in the Volunteer Information Manual.

Committee Members

Dr. Mike Kolber (Chair), Edmonton
Dr. Tina Korownyk, Edmonton
Dr. Mike Allan, Salt Spring Island
Adrienne Lindblad, Red Deer
Danielle Perry, Edmonton
Tony Nickonchuk, Peace River
Dr. Carmen Gingles, Edmonton


Membership will have interdisciplinary primary care representation to ensure that CPD needs of the ACFP’s membership across the province are met. Professionals are solicited and are selected based on excellence in practice and/or academia.

For more information contact at 780-488-2395.