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Family Medicine Summit Planning Committee

Connect. Learn. Celebrate.

Since 1955, the ACFP has hosted its Family Medicine Summit (formerly ASA) for doctors to share knowledge and collaborate with their peers. Today, the Summit is Alberta’s premier conference for family physicians providing continuing medical education workshops and sessions, and an opportunity to network with colleagues to discuss best practices. The Summit, held in the late winter/early spring of each year, provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of timely CME topics and ideas that are relevant to family physicians practising in a wide range of settings. The philosophical basis of the conference is a forum for family physicians by family physicians. The Summit Planning Committee is responsible for the development and delivery of the ACFP’s FMS program.


For more information or to get involved contact Kerri McNabb at 780-488-2395.

Committee Members

Dr. Carolyn Nowry (Chair), Calgary
Dr. Fozia Alvi, Calgary
Dr. Andie Bains, Calgary
Dr. Lily Chen, Leduc
Dr. Trevor Day, Edmonton
Dr. Christine Kennedy, Fort McMurray
Dr. Sudha Koppula, Edmonton
Dr. Jazmin Marlinga, Calgary
Dr. Rannie Tao, Calgary


(L-R) Committee Chair Dr. Carolyn Nowry (Calgary), Dr. Fozia Alvi (Calgary), Dr. Jazmin Marlinga (Calgary), Dr. Christine Kennedy (Fort McMurray, Dr. Andie Bains (Calgary), Dr. Rannie Tao (Calgary), Dr. Lily Chen (Leduc), Dr. Trevor Day (Edmonton). Missing: CPD Committee Liaison Dr. Sudha Koppula (Edmonton)